Whose Who On This Planet? Pt.5

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The writings that have come to be known as the Bible (book) are quite interesting when one has a historical foundation and has done world research concerning it. Since the Bible was written in Memphis Kemet by our people for white people, it therefore BELONGS TO OUR PEOPLE from which it came....and this is before there is anything on the earth called Christianity. This means that the book DOES NOT BELONG TO THOSE CALLING THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS, DID NOT ORIGINATE WITH THEM AND AS SUCH, IS A BOOK THAT WAS GIVEN TO THEM AND WAS LATER HIGHJACKED IN ITS STRUCTURE.

We read that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. First problem: The word "EARTH" did not exist in the Hebrew language...it is a Germanic word. God is not a Hebrew word either. For those who say that the word "Elohim" was used, I advise you to research the word "Elohim" to see how it was used. Based upon so called Jewish literature, I could be an "Elohim". (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elohim) I will now inform some of us of what the early books of Genesis are in the Bible. Since the Black man and woman has been on this earth for time beyond time, we will upon a thorough examination of history come to realize that the Bible is not a record of creation in a sequential order. It is a record of KEY EVENTS IN OUR HISTORY AND A RECORD THAT BORDERS ON GENERALIZATION, SCIENCE AND MYTH.

The reason that it can not be a record of creation in sequential order is because, based upon science itself, language as we know it only came about less than 100,000 years ago...and if this is true based upon scientific research, then "HOW WERE WE AS A PEOPLE COMMUNICATING"? It was by "telepathy" but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself because it's important to understand what happened to and with us as a people that has TODAY IN SUCH SHAMBLES.

The Bible does have one thing right on the first page...and that's that, the earth was here BEFORE THE SUN OR MOON. Genesis 1:1-18. (they simply didn't tell us why?) Genesis also got it 1:27 when it reveals that "the black man and woman was created together at the same time". The reason for this being correct is because we know based upon science and religious writings that "The first people on the planet were androgynous". What does this mean? It means that both sexes existed within ONE BODY. Now when I say this, I don't want your mind to start flashing to somebody that's walking around with a penis and a vagina out in front of them...because that's what we call an hermaphrodite although nature in itself can not reproduce what did not ever exist.

What I'm saying is the same thing that the Bible is saying but with further explanation. It states in Genesis that Adam was the first man. It equally states that "FROM ADAM THE WOMAN WAS TAKEN". This is nothing more than a story of "SEX SEPARATION" but they lied when they attempted to state that it was a MAN AS WE KNOW MAN TO BE TODAY when that was not the case at hand. Since "man" is supposedly an English word, we must find out the ORIGINAL MEANING of the word as a means of seeing if it lines up with anything written thus far. In the original Old Norse language whereby we get the word "MAN", it originally meant "WOMAN". The original word for man was not man but "WER" from the Sanskrit root "VIR" as in WER-WULF", the man-wolf. The name MAN meant the Moon, creatress of all creatures according to Scandinavian and other tribes throughout EUROPE.

For a continued read on this, please consult pg.574 of The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker. As we move back in time we have no choice but to see that the earth was different, man was different, our diets were different, our means of communication was different and although we may have started out as "BEINGS OF LIGHT", the process of natural laws and the fact of our people condensing as the earth also condensed is where our story begins. Anything that I may have to say before this would be sheer speculation. It's like everybody got a piece. It is only when we begin to unwrap the esoteric teachings, the Gnostic teachings, the Dogon teachings, the N.O.I. teachings and everybody elses that we can begin to put this together.

For those who say that God created us, then who created God? Something can not come from nothing and we have need of expanding our minds in order to take in all that I am about to say.
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