Whose Who On This Planet? Pt.2

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As I begin part two of this subject which is obviously going to be a long thread indeed, it becomes important that we keep several things in the fore front of our minds. The first thing we need to keep in the fore front of our minds is this: "EVERYTHING THAT PHYSICALLY EXIST DID NOT ALWAYS PHYSICALLY EXIST". Everything that we physically see in the world today once existed in the realm of the UNSEEN before it was physically manifested for us to see, smell, touch, hear and taste. This must be understood before we can proceed to understand anything else....so lets break this down just for a minute for those who may not be up to speed with what it is that I'm saying.

You are a painter, a carpenter, an architect or just a person who likes to work with your hands, whether it be sewing, working with clay or anything else....and you tell me that you're going to build a house that has a sun roof that equally acts as a form of solar power for your home. Now you just told me that idea. In the physical world that can be measured, weighed, tested in a lab and that we can see, touch, taste, hear and smell, that house you just told me about DOES NOT EXIST. It exist in the realm of mind or the realm of the UNSEEN. We as life forms have the ability to take that UNSEEN REALITY and manifest or bring it into the physical world as a means of showing and proving that it existed someplace else before we were able to physically see it. Are you with me so far?

We equally acknowledge that there are sounds that we can not hear and colors that we can not see because animals can hear those sounds and we have created machines capable of exposing those other realms of light that we can't see. As scientist we acknowledge that this earth is filled with life forms that are simply too small for the naked eye to see and that live on us everyday. So the truth of the matter is that THERE IS A WHOLE WORLD AROUND US 24 HOURS A DAY THAT WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT AND THAT WE CAN NOT SEE OR HEAR WITH THE PHYSICAL BODY...AND YET IT EXIST.
In having said that, let us now move on.

One of the things that I am a stickler with is the idea that "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A COINCIDENCE". The universe and life in and on this planet is governed by LAWS both known and unknown. Those that we know, we name and then we prove that the laws apply by experimentation. The laws that we are not aware of are a different matter. It is these UNKNOWN LAWS that lead to things like SUPERSTITION or some other form of explanation to try and explain what we haven't learned or understood as it was meant to be.

It is these UNKNOWN LAWS that gave rise to mythology and other distortions of reality in our attempt to try and explain what it is that we do not fully know or understand. It is for this reason that we can understand that "BEHIND EVERY MYTH OR STORY IS A KERNEL OF TRUTH SOMEWHERE"....and if we begin to find a consistency or repetition of a myth or story concerning something, then we can best know that THERE IS A DYNAMIC TRUTH CONCERNING WHAT WE HEARD, SAW OR READ BEHIND THE STORY OR MYTH.

Right now I am attempting to consolidate what honestly can not be consolidated because the intricacies are just as important as the major aspects of this story. For example: In the Bible, if you read Gen. 1:26, it states, "...and God said, Let US make man in OUR image...yet no one really wants to explore the "us and our" in that sentence. We've been given explanations that it was Jesus and God talking or that it was the holy ghost and God speaking....which realistically does not make any sense what so ever...as if the concept that we call God ever needed any help or conversation to make anything that exist. Gimme a break!...even worst, who recorded this conversation?

In the Holy Qu'ran (2:28) the angelz give warning before the making of Adam, saying his arrival would "only create mischief and cause the shedding of blood." Who would the angelz be warning? Surely it couldn't be Allah because Allah would by our perception know these things already. This therefore means that the supposed scriptures in these books have a totally different meaning than what we have been told. Now I have two ways to do this. When I just mentioned Allah, I was speaking about the "SPOOK CONCEPT OF ALLAH". When we use the spook concept of ALLAH, the conversation doesn't make any sense in terms of the angelz telling ALLAH what would happen if Allah makes that creation.

If we go by the idea that ALLAH is representative of DIVINE MAN and is indeed the ARM LEG LEG ARM HEAD, then it makes complete sense...for what we would be reading in the Holy Qu'ran 2:28 would be one Divine Allah (MAN) speaking with another Divine Allah or MAN.

Okay, gotta go do some yard work and earn my daily sustenance....will pick up on this when I get back.

Hetep !! (Peace)
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