Whose Who On This Planet? Pt.1

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The first problem that we have is "our concept of time". The reason that we have questions and possible confusions concerning time is because; Someone else gave us their concept of time. If I ask anyone what year it is, they will likely tell me it's 2012. That's what it is "if we function from a European mind set". Since we know that it was our people who created the perfect solar calendar, then we should obviously be using their time scale instead of the white man's. Would everyone agree? That means that the correct year is 6248 if we use our peoples calendar instead of our oppressors.

I'm beginning with the concept of time because that is the first thing that has been destroyed in us and is open for us to tap into and once again KNOW if we do the right thing. Those who are Biblical already have their minds TRAPPED in a 6,000 year illusion. So for anyone who is Biblical, they may as well forget about any EVOLUTION IDEAS, any DINOSaurs or ancient Cave people.

In fact, for anyone who is Biblical, the works of Dr. Clark, Dr. Ben, Dr. Diop, John G. Jackson, Dr. Obenga, Dr. Afraka, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Chancellor Williams and many more are a contradiction to their belief and as such, is history that they can never grasp or accept while they are still accepting the Bible and Qu'ran. It's impossible to accept our scholars and accept Bible at the same time because their concepts of "TIME" are not the same and conflict with each other. This conflict which they have to somehow justify in their minds is called "Cognitive Dissonance".

Elijah Muhammad says 66 trillion years, the Bible says 6,000 years. Dr. Diop says 3.5 million years while some state that it is 4 billion years old. Obviously these are arguments that science and creationism has been having for a while. I prefer people science and universal science. What do I mean by that? I mean that we have a structure that is probably the most investigated and studied structure on the face of the earth and in history itself....The Pyramids!! Where Ben, Ivan Van Sertima and many others credit Khufu in ancient Kemet as one of the builders around 2500 b.c.e. which stands for "Before The Common Era", I do not credit the great pyramid with being built in Khufu's era. This of course pushes the clock of "TIME" back.

The new research pushes the great pyramid back 8,000 years to a time frame of 10,500 as the date that it lines up perfectly with certain key stars. That isn't all. Only at 10,500 is the Sphinx looking at a perfect reflection of it self on the horizon at the same time. If we consider the science or time it took to learn that, as well as the preparations and everything else to build it, then we are indeed speaking of a longer time than we care to speak on.

There is another possibility as well. If we say that it is Khufu's pyramid then that means that Khufu must have lived further back in time than the 2500 we were told about. Why is this possible? It's possible because the concept and time frame for each dynasty in Kemet was given to us by "WHITE PEOPLE". Since it was Mer-en Tehuti also known as Manetho who gave them the chronology of ancient Kemet which placed the first so called dynasty beyond 5,000 years old, why did white people feel a need to reduce it to 3200 years? Well, the first thing they had to do was to change our concept of time as a means of including themselves in it as well as to try and destroy the noble concept that "WE ARE AN ANCIENT PEOPLE" from our minds and hearts. But regardless of anything else, our clinging to the 6,000 years of the Bible can not on the face of people knowledge and universal knowledge be true.

My next post will therefore begin with "With exploring who we are and how we got here"...as well as why everyone else has neanderthal dna except our people and the meaning behind it. Logic states that if they came from us as we were told, then we would have to have the neanderthal dna also but we don't. So where did they get it??? I want to explore the rh blood factors....and for those who don't know; the Rh in the blood groupings stand for "RHESUS MONKEY".

See ya on my next post

P.S. I may even owe an apology to the Nuwabian Brothers who were definitely ahead of me on some of their concepts.
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