What Religion Did To the Woman

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When It comes to religion There has been no bigger enemy to the woman than this. If we go back to the king James Bible we will notice that there are scriptures that entirely promote a male agenda and the superiority of the man over the woman. The Bible begins this by first stating that Adam came first and that woman came from Adam. She was then blamed for the downfall of man in Genesis 3:16 whereby it's stated that the man shall rule over her.

Being mindful that the Bible was written by men, we are about to explore a series of issues to support the male position as documented in the Bible.1st Timothy 2:11-14 has the male priesthood say: Let the woman learn in silence with all submission. And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression. If we take this back to Genesis 1-27-28 we will see that the man and woman were created together. By the time we reach Genesis 2:19-20 we see that everything is created before the woman is...and then as an after thought God finally creates woman after the birds, beast, plants and everything else. In other words, she is created last.

In Leviticus 12: 1-5 we will see that a woman is declared unclean for a longer time if she gives birth to a female child than a male child. We see in Deuteronomy 22:20-21 that a woman is to be stoned to death if she isn't a virgin but no such law exist for the man. The inferior status of the woman is further reflected in the teachings of Paul in 1st. Corinthians 11:3 whereby he states that the head of every man is Christ and that the head of every woman is man. To further add insult to injury, we find in 11:7 that Man is the glory of God, But the woman is the glory of man. 1st Peter 3:1 reinforces this by telling women to be in subjection to your husbands.

It is only when we study the history of outsiders who would oppress and enslave our people that we see that they had an issue with women. In fact, all of this is part of their cultural development and struggle to survive their environment. An environment that caused them to develop a harsh concept of their Creator as nature was their enemy...an enemy that they had to overcome and conquer if they were to survive. It was this that caused them to go through many internal and external changes as they were actually engaged in a battle for their own physical survival that had no room for the weak.

What is perhaps more interesting is what the so called founding fathers of Christianity had to say as it regards the woman. St. Chrysostom writes that; Woman is a necessary evil, a desirable calamity, a deadly fascination and a painted ill. Tertullian states that: Thou art the devil's gate, the betrayer of the tree, the first deserter of the divine law. St. Clement writes that: Above all it seems right that we turn away from the sight of woman...the affection that rises from desire which we call love, leads to the fire which will never cease in consequence of sin. In the year 585 A.D. an assembly of Bishops at the Church Council of Macon actually and solemnly debated whether woman was a human being and whether she had a soul. The doctrine asserted that: Nature, which ever aims at perfection, would always produce men, and that when woman is born, it is, as it were, by mistake, and an error of nature...thus a woman is born, it is, as it were, by mistake, and an error of nature...thus a woman is an animal produced by accident. (Art. Geddicus, Philosophical Dict.)

Luther writes: If they are stubborn (in demands for sexual indulgence) it is fitting that their husbands should tell them, If you will not, another will. If the mistress refuses to come, let the maid be called. (Cited by Bossuet, Variations of The Churches) With the male dominated writings in the Bible and the words of the Christian Founding Fathers, the stage was now set for her physical, social and systemic destruction as man was now deemed to be Supreme as ordained by God himself in his Holy Book.
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