Use Your Blog to Promote Yourself!

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Peace and Blessings Family,

Aggressive promotion is sharing more than one link to your site, business, endeavor, etc., at

We allow every Member to share one link in the threads, but no more, unless you're Premium.

Premium Members are allowed to aggressively promote themselves, sharing a link in every post they make.

Our rules do not allow Members to aggressively promote themselves, their business, websites, etc., in the threads / discussions, without being a Premium Member.

Well ... i want you all to have a way to promote yourselves. Many do have web sites, businesses, etc., and i want to give you all a way to promote yourselves here, without stepping on our already established policies ... so i've created a new policy ... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY USSSSSSSSSSSS !!!! ... :)

You can use Your Blog to promote yourself however much you'd like! ... :toast:

In order to have access to this functionality, you must have at least 25 posts.

Now that we have a NO COST way for you to aggressively promote your endeavor, doing it in the threads ... more than once ... will be more strictly enforced.

We've been pretty good at managing this, with only a few slipping through every now and again ... but with us now giving away marketing opportunities ... doing so in the threads / discussions ... will absolutely be reserved for Premium Members only ... beyond the one chance we give every Member.

So ... if you have your own thing going on, and you want to aggressively promote in this community ... which is a great community to do such a thing in ... you're welcome ... if you do it via YOUR BLOG.

If you have 25 posts, you're welcome to start right now ... create blog entry ... and promote yourself!

Folk can access your blog via your profile page, member card, link at the top, and often in the sidebar, as well as searches via google and other engines.

Of course this is new, and like all our new stuff ... we'll feel our way ... and adjust as we go if necessary.

If you have any questions let me know.

Love You!


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