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Thug Life / wide spread myth
This story takes no prisioners nor to empower a mind but feed a
direction to reality from the myth of cause that has taken into a
divisional maze form......Don't be feed into the myth or get caught
up on the tale of fiction, there's nothing strong about thuggish life.

Where male and female of street core has vamp the hold of greed to
empower themselves under false notions, when life is an open window.
Minds become a battle ground of reperation and emotions for power
and to be notice, where love is pitted between common knowledge and
root of simple sense in life.
From the nation outside mission of brutal ruffian forces of thugs embody
the whole as assassin to bodly harm in a destructional massive deed, our
very own troops trained to be as thuggish.
Now from the entrapment of mental deficiency of humanization life, the
word has peak into a division of it's own and taken roles as empowerment
from means as i'm bad to wildness of action or as by a group or related
gang who become the structure of many followers.
Thug life takes on another clash from the funky style to baggie clothing
pass through the form of massive beings as a ruffian quicky adopt the thug
style like street hood ganstas,mobs of men become the gang of hired handz
strap with weapons as the power grow the artillery of destruction grows
in the land of the living and we find it fitful to lable these people as thugs
one ware the face of badness empound to power over it's own who has
honestly been taken hostage under motivation they become beauty and
beast ramshacked on illusional humanity.
This begin to move from corner to corner , city by city as life become an
maze openly yet defeated by the handz of man killing rise for power not
to feed the mind or gain wizdomize knowledge to fight depression, today's
women get caught up in the likelyhood of this myth of infomation fast lane,
they become attractive for the sour note of bling bling diamonds, platium
and gold at the prices untold, lost into the controller of no face sheilded in
darkness of fractured dreams and mental confussion where the beauty of
man is loyality his honor and respect as to thuggish tale of the beast the
love for guns and deadly deeds they so no truth or love to a woman worth
as to a wild woman who only find love in the mist to steal , cut and betray
it all leave a taste you're never forget and that's to kill or be killed.
Beauty of man is to hunt, beast of man the hunter to endanger we quickly
say so call thugs on lables even seen on cable, did you know every time it's
spoken thug it gain power get stronger , become deeper and heavier upon
the struggle of life itself.

Passing through time zones of life and the myth that lives within the walls
of minds and what's instill in the temple as it's manifested on the streets
for mental corruption, thug life taken millions young and old not allowing
truth to take hold and minds grow but teaching of myth thuggish mission
as rap hip hop take it deep feeding lyrics of destruction beats i close my
eyes only to vision the remain, from a destroyer of it's own kind in war
of self held bondage, shackled in greed i only see color red blood running
free onto the cities street another soul lost at the cost of misguided myth
of thug life , this only leave pain and empty voids to life's living and killing
the hope of dreams , stopping the movement , my pain speak in grief when
i walk on city street seeing brothers and sister falling in love to the corrupt
power as they hug the thug tale into a forever and hold mold, it become
there higher love , guns become there child to embrace .
Thuggish become a hard life in silent voices where millions made it their
choice of dismay and still i see the word play, teaching the wrong way
instill child they become the new tools to use as defense to power, my
this all a deep sorrow brought to screams and broken dreams as franticly
doors slamming occupation vanishing ,sensation tarnish , knowledge melting
wisdom fly people vs people laying down to die , i weep in the blood that
stain, we losing the battle and lost the war, to deem the tale from under
this thug life spell hope and faith we build to restore through the zone
time nolonger await the fate of living , thug life against worriors mentors
thug life soja's taken side against the black freedom pride into a divided
calvery from the mission of great unity brother's like Malcolm , King and
Garvey, they boxing life into a corner and to millions a four corner cell
become home profounded use of the word so loose find our minds hanging
from another noose, time to free the mind from thuggish myth and realize
we are not dramatize or assassin to deed but people of life's big creed.

Ladies of history wake up from this thuggish maze and your feverish will
to feel the love of a thug, he's destructional fill with hate and will be the
one to break your life plate, don't be a chick on the side be a woman of
greater pride don't get pulled in to this myth of silliness who will place you
in danger never to know if it your last ride they love not or feel just seeking
this power and thrill.
But today so many play in the thuggish life maze that the massa has gave
and labled us to be and the people of poverty in the corrupted corruption
of lavish life, these kind can never be a real man or can make you his wife
just destructional enslaved to his game and fame of power his own shower
him in as foot troops to his will and that's to beat and kill , we on the edge
of a double sword thug life is no life just made up but some smart hype
see thugs kill your soul replace it with dope and gold
thugs don't respect or pose any worth just a walking devil under curse
of the myth and stolen gift that 's been given , we're no true thugs nor
will we ever be because we don't do deeds and blow up ourselves like
they do , kill and take our lives like fools , we don't know war of mad
destruction and we can't even come out of struggle so how can we
be thugs to the third power it' all a myth so get your backing and fine
your true history just some are misguided lost and confused just foolish
and not so cool who want to rule the tale of myth inside thug life drift,
beware of the choices you choose and rise , walk from the edge
and stop the spread that thug life has passed.

(quote: There's nothing thuggish about wannabe's just confused nor do one pose
the style of a thug for he haven committed acts of terror to be as assassin to his
deed of assassination he just a man foolish and a wannabe)

Thug life of myth and the meanings it betray! act: II

Thuggish has been and will live in the skin of blackawareness
because many accepted the definition given by the white power
that's been forced into the mental mind, but no proof found that
blacks are assassin or terrorist of massive destruction just mental
power over it's own to battle it's own within it's own to destroy self
blacks people of color are no means thugs but cast upon by there
action and language and the accepting facts that bad is thuggish
the word has taken on it's own merit of means and spreaded widely
known facts that this word was given it's the spin from the word GUHT
guht is a NHS contact database reference directories , leads defined
health records / library access / Library access and the term from scotland
by the British /indian where it was manifested into the american common english
this word became a guide to lable people of color and divide as lower class
it was mentally fed into memories to believe the first track of it was Thuggee or
Tuggee from the sanskrit root to conceal mainly applied to fraudulent concealment
was an indian cult, sometime described as the world's first Mafia organization from
the 13th to 19th centuries worshipping Kali most members known as thugs which
was twisted from the word guht by the higher power britishmen and was originated
off the indian word that pass into common english during british occupation of india
the Englishman transform the word guht backwards into the term Thug or Thuggish
defined it to massive murder or assassin of terror, destruction, and labled the race
of lower class by whites as thugs and fed into the american system of belief by no
reality that people of color are Thugs or thuggish in any form , but only by the myth
reaching deeper into the line of a thug and life it's displayed unto blacks mainly
Rappers as thugs by the lyrical means or cross dress of garments and chains
they drap around the neck to continue it's strong myth roots that blacks are thugs
or acts of thuggish which is indeed a lie and holds no reality and truth beyond what
we hear and read and who defined it ... we speak it and ware it like pride and to be
proud of but the rude awaken is there's nothing to grace as being thuggish you only
saying you are a study or database of directories /reference or occupational to Kali
to it's belief and terrorist of destruction and assassin.

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