This Black Man

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This Black man speaks to a specific individual who is an overall weak and frightened individual who is more concerned with his image than he is with matters of substance. He has adopted a propensity for pointing the finger of blame at the white man and others for his problems and is very reluctant to acknowledge his own obvious flaws in character as well as decision-making.

The institution of slavery has come and gone while the institution of imprisonment has emerged in its place. No longer is this Black man or his people forced into a life of subjugation. However, as of today there are approximately over 2 million men in prisons in America to which the majority (over half of them ) one million plus (1, 000,000 + ) are Black men. It's quite obvious that a large segment of us have migrated away from the corridors of education and into the vestibules of incarceration. One would have to ask the question, what has so drastically impacted the current landscape in America for this Black man? Perhaps Volunteered Subjugation?

This Black man of today has allowed himself to become misguided, weakened, afraid and complacent. This Black man has embraced a lifestyle of gangsterism, thugism, crime and treat our Black women with an unabashed blatant disrespect as though they were the scum of the earth and only useful for sexual exploitation. This Black man has become disillusioned and ignorant and chooses to pursue whimsical examples of success and power. This Black man parades around with his pants halfway down exposing his buttocks for the world to see and hasn't a shred of self-respect or dignity. This Black man has constructed an adversarial relationship with his brother Black man transforming their communities into battlefields, not the white man because he doesn't live there.

This Black man has created an atmosphere of extreme violence and restriction that prevents little Black children from having normal playful lives for fear of catching a stray bullet. Not the white man because he doesn't live there. This Black man is a reckless and ruthless murderer who is mowing down innocent brothers and sisters in a hail of bullets,. Not the white man because he doesn't live there. This Black man preys on the innocent and poor with an onslaught of armed robberies, burglaries and numerous petty crimes that have plagued and sapped the life out of the community. Not the white man because he doesn't live there. This Black man is peddling drugs to our people who poisons their mind and wreaks havoc on their bodies and lives with addiction. Not the white man because he doesn't live there. This Black man has impregnated numerous young Black women who are left to bear and raise children on their own. Not the white man because he doesn't live there. The streets and buildings in some of these Black communities throughout America are laid with waste, garbage, filth and dilapidated cockroach infested housing conditions that arise from neglect, irresponsibility and a lack of concern perpetuated by this Black man and others. Not the white man because he doesn't live there.

What the white man does do, is police the streets of these communities because this Black man has become so lazy and ignorant that he produces an atmosphere of crime and mayhem. The white man constructs prisons throughout America because he knows that this Black man will be taking up residence there. The white man writes laws that specifically target this Black man because he knows that these fools will violate them giving him cause to apprehend and arrest them. The white man knows that this Black man will run off at the mouth and then whimper like a baby when he proceeds to handcuff him and commences to beating him with his billy club. The white man knows that this black man more often than not will be a convicted felon or become frightened and flee giving him cause to shoot him down in the streets. The white man knows that this Black man isn't educated and informed so they will take advantage of him with stop and frisk and if he resists, again beat him with his billy club because this Black man will not dare fight back. The white man knows that he can come into this Black man's community and randomly stop him, disrespect him and violate his rights because this Black man's bark is bigger than his bite.. The white man is bold and aggressive because he knows that even as the multitude of onlookers bare witness to their heinous and violent behavior that no one would dare interfere with them with the exception of taking video because they are frightened and weak.

This is very reminiscent of the former institution of slavery where the overseer beats the SLAVE into submission while this Black man has a vision of severe punishment looming over his head if he refuses to comply. The white man oppresses and shames this Black man as they once did during slavery to illicit a weak and docile Black man, one that will address him as no sir and yes sir. The white man acts with irrefutable impunity towards this Black man for the white man fears no form of reprisal from this Black man or his comrades. What does it take for this Black man to stand up and challenge his aggressors? This Black man will not rise and fight because he is afraid of the ultimate action and or consequences that he will face from the white man. This Black man will however, rise up against another Black man but will not show resistance against the white man who is his true adversary. This Black man will misdirect his anger and frustrations towards his Black woman and sometimes his Black children who should be the ones most dear to him.. This Black man does not resemble the strong, educated and trail blazers of Black men days past. This Black man is loud and boisterous and projects a tough exterior to mask his lack of strength, courage and confidence. This Black man derives his power from the gun but without it he is powerless. The white man knows and understands this all too well about this Black man and will continue to maintain his dominance over him.

One is left with the undeniable impression that the white man knows this Black mans tendencies extremely well and capitalizes on his ignorance and weaknesses. So, why does this Black man not recognize the white man's tendency just as well and take the appropriate corrective action? Is it possible that this Black man does in fact recognize the white mans tendencies but accepts his subservient role and meager place in society? In addition could it be that this Black man is just lazy and chooses not to take on the challenge and offer up a legitimate fight because it warrants an effort to pursue an education and employment? What are the underlying reasons that have compelled or caused this Black man to evolve into the wandering soul that he is today.

One reason this black man of today has lost his way is because he does not have the father figure in the family environment who is the representation of courage and will. This Black man's father would be the foundation of strength and cohesiveness that binds the family structure. This Black man's life has become void of direction because the father is absent to give him guidance and instill in him the qualities that are necessary for him to forge through life. This Black man has become weak and soft because the father is not there to act as the role model and mold him as the patriarch of the family. This Black man is not educated because the father is not there to ensure that he stays in school to pursue a much-needed education. This Black man has no one to instruct or teach him how to or what it means to be responsible and respectful. This Black man hasn't a father figure to set the example of what it means to acquire gainful employment and put in a hard days work so that he can provide for his family. This Black man has no father to explain to him what it means to be a man of knowledge, morals and integrity and most of all the importance of fatherhood. This Black man lacks an education, coping skills, self-respect, self-identity, self-esteem, self-confidence, direction, self-determination and motivation as it pertains to becoming a relevant, respected and venerated human being.

This Black man has no concept of respect but when he feels disrespected he will resort to violence or even murder because his mind has been corrupted and he is emotionally weak. This Black man of today has fallen prey to misinformation of false prophets and false imagery of power and success which he chooses to model himself after. This Black man because of his weaknesses will gravitate towards guns, drugs and gangs to pursue a life of criminal activity . He will not pursue an education for the mere fact that it is to hard for him and he has convinced himself through irrational thought to rationalize his excuse that it is emulating white people. He will also tell himself and the teacher he doesn't want someone telling him what to do and that the entire process is pointless and of no service to him.

However, he will gladly commit a crime and surrender his life and freedom in exchange for the comfort of incarceration where he is relegated to a number and has someone monitoring his every move twenty-four (24 ) hours a day. This Black man is housed, clothed and fed and has no responsibilities whatsoever other than to eat, sleep and maybe bathe. This Black man has willingly shackled his mind and handcuffed his future by an act of stupidity and irrationality. This Black man has now been locked away in an institution which in itself represents another form of imposed subjugation and his life has basically been rendered meaningless. This Black man has capitulated to the white man and evolved into a weak species whose life may just become a complete and utter failure. This Black man has welcomed his role as a modern-day slave and has no qualms about living his life within the confines of these prison walls....... I am unable to fathom the logic here, if any.....

The white man knows this which is exactly why he continues to build prisons as it has become a multi-billion dollar business to incarcerate and enslave this Black man......

The true strength of a Black man comes from within, from his knowledge of self, education, integrity, values, self-respect and from the Black woman who stands beside him and supports him. A true Black man is a man of unwavering principles, dedication to family and friends, someone who respects himself and by doing so will garner the respect of those around him. A true Black man will lead by positive example and allow his body of work to speak for him. A true Black man will not submit his will and will not allow himself to be placed into a life of subjugation. A true Black man will make responsible decisions and have the ability to recognize his flaws and mistakes and correct them. A true Black man is true to himself and others. To be continued..........

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