The Role of Meditation

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We are not three dimensional beings. We are not, due to the nature of human consciousness, required to live within the confines of the Newtonian physics of space and time. Rather, we are now well established in the age of quantum physics, which gave us our first scientific glimpse into the mystical nature of consciousness. And that is just the beginning!

Different levels of reality are always available to us: sleeping, waking, remembering and imagining. Each one is of a completely different order than the others yet when we are in any of these states of consciousness, its contents are real to us. Each serves its purpose in our being human and while we are in it, each state hijacks our attention and awareness, temporarily excluding the others, and rarely trespasses into another state's "territory." The meditative state is simply another order of consciousness. Its purpose is to open us to additional dimensions of being. The more we are able to access this meditative state of human consciousness, the smoother and happier our lives become. Unfortunately, in the greed-fueled dominant culture we live in, the meditative state is the orphan stepchild.

So that we may experience ourselves as more complete human beings, living in a higher (more polydimensional) state of awareness than can be offered by other states of consciousness, we must spend time accessing and experiencing the meditative order of being.

There are numerous approaches to meditation. Don’t let not knowing “how” to meditate be a barrier. Entering meditation can be as simple as purposely becoming still with the intention of listening. The most important thing I can say about meditation is that it is a passive state. Completely. The reason listening is such a good way to focus attention during meditation is that to your waking consciousness, listening is a passive act. In meditation you are a receiving station, a vessel, a repository, for the wisdom of the Universe being radiated to you from everywhere around and within you.

Meditation has so many benefits I won’t even attempt to list them all here. As an element in the process of purposeful creation, the benefits of meditation cannot be overstated. Unlike the other states of consciousness, when we engage in regular meditation we often find that wisdom received from the higher dimensions blessedly impinges on the other states, sometimes for extended periods. That means that we receive guidance from within telling us when to speak or act, and when not to do either one, even if our normal waking state doesn’t know why. So we are more directly guided to the completion of our goals without so many side trips or semesters spent in the school of hard knocks!

Sit (or lie down). Quiet yourself. Relax. Listen.

Becoming a practicing metaphysician means trying the principles for yourself. There is no other way to know whether or not they work. The more African Americans, as a nation within a nation, become experiencers of accessing higher dimensions in order to create change, the sooner we will be able to nullify the effects of racism in this country. Time to look away from the tenets of the culture we live in and adopt a spirituality that will set us free.
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