The rise of Oyo and Gullah Gee Chee Nation. Freedom for African descendants.

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First off, I want to express my love for you and let you all know that I only wish you the very best and that's is why I post at Destee. I also post else where all over the internet and have been for quite a number of years before coming to Destee. But the message I want to get out today in this blog isn't about me. We are all small and insignificant in the rise of African people worldwide. There is nothing unique about anyone of us but all of us are special just the same. We all can have a place in the future of Africa, especially those who have committed themselves to improving our African American communities. There is a place for you and I in this big wide world created by Olodumare the Yoruba supreme deity otherwise known as the Creator. So with no further ado I present some of my threads. with links to these African kingdoms I am supporting.

These posts hopefully will inspire some of you to visit Oyo Tunji and Gullah nation, both lie in the Beaufort county, S.C region. This is territory is where thousands of African slaves were brought into Georgia and the Carolinas to be slaves for White Supremacy. After fighting a hard fought war for liberation and successfully bringing an end to slavery, though not widely known and perhaps intentionally covered up, the Gullah people have remained on the island of St. Helena, S.C. Oba Adefunmi I in June of 1970, the year I was born in August, set up the first African nation within the territory of the United States. These are both sovereign nations and they need your support in order so they may grow and prosper and be able to care for more of our people in freedom and justice.

Will you support love? Will you support a free and just society? Will you support Black Youth and their development into a strong people than we are today? Will you commit to a 7 year economic plan and vow to give $15.00 a month consistently for 7 whole years? As Bob Marley sings, "Don't give up the fight!".
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