The Promised Land

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It is said and written in scripture that the meek shall inherit the earth. I say that the earth will open up her belly and swallow them whole. She will only relinquish her bounty to those who will work hard, earnest and diligently to extract the promise she cradles within.. Still she does not guarantee to yield to all who come beckoning for her riches. The prospectors who come just as so many before them shall be cast by the wayside and never know her promise. The earth just as life owes no loyalty or promise to anyone. It is also written and said, We Reap What We Sow....

However, some of us do receive favor...

I venerate with the utmost humility and gratitude to those entities who are the conveyors of life, the purveyors of sustenance, the creators of humankind who transcend the confines of this physical realm and exceed the spiritual comprehension of man. I ask that they lay out the path before me and guide my steps along the way for I am prone to deviate from the course of moral righteousness, dignity, spiritual enlightenment and truth. My understanding and knowledge of this world has been limited to the written word of man and I have been misled by the teachings of those whose motives are self-serving and whose intentions are to instill illusions of dominance and superiority in those whom they seek to deceive and oppress.

I have with frequent fervor consumed the nectar of intoxicating elixirs. I have dabbled in various substances that delivered euphoric bliss which also held me captive with addiction both physically and mentally to their momentarily deliverance of well-being and escapism from my world of pain and disappointment. I have been beckoned and seduced by the sweet erotic poison of voluptuous, vivacious and sexually stimulating women of dark alleys and dimly lit passageways. I have coveted and partaken of their sensuousness and have felt the sting of their callousness and indifference. I acknowledge that I have lived a promiscuous life and that I have been a sexually charged and somewhat perverted human being who has for decades past lent himself to a life strewn with what some may consider to be highly immoral conduct and unforgivable transgressions.I am yet only human and I am man..

My journey has been one of decadence, resistance, rebellion, non conformity, irresponsibility, irreparable dismissal and total disregard for my physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I've rejected all concepts of religion, mans ideologies, structured establishments whose imbedded institutions and laws favored not my ascension to unparalleled heights of success but served to define my existence irrelevant.. My way has resembled that of scattered leaves fallen from Autumn trees or that of wind-blown sand on arid and dusty desert land. I have wandered through groves thick with illusions of grandiose splendor and fantasy. I have grown weary from exhaustive search of relevance and purpose. The sharpness of reality slices through my conscience and I have contemplated self-destruction for deliverance.

But mine is not mine to take as it is mine to make. The road is always longer when eyes are opaque and navigation requires direction. Ones ship need be righted, ones compass point need be sighted. The waves may rise full and high but temperament and fortitude need not subside.

I look through the spectrum of heavens above and beyond for solace and peace of mind, body, soul and spirit. I have sought restoration from condemnation with earnest revelation of truth and knowledge to construct formation of foundation. Understanding comes through life's experiences entwined with the deepest of want and desire. I have yearned incessantly for my moment of reconciliation. For I am in need of clarity and salvation.. The severity of shame knows no boundaries. Lamentation yields forgiveness for a heart of genuineness.

The promise of goodness. The promise of duty. The promise of worth. The promise is knowing and understanding that the greater the effort the greater the potential for yield. The promised land is the life we live as altruistically we give. The promised land is the life we build with determined will. I have been given favor yet I fear that I will not live up to my promise. However, I promise that I will put forth a great effort and that I will work diligently at my purpose with goodness of heart and integrity..

This is my promised land...Where and what is yours

Written by Al DeVeaux Jr. Africafifth

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