The Prep Step

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Getting straight to the business of practicing metaphysics, this will be the first in the series of posts on how to create on purpose, with a purpose. But before we get into the techniques involved, there is some prep work to be done.

In our normal waking state of consciousness, we of course think we are fully awake. While we are so sure that we understand our motives and consciously make our choices, we are in fact, almost always sleepwalking on "automatic pilot" and not really aware at all. We act and react based on cultural conditioning, habit, and a brain that perceives only a modicum of what really exists around us. So before we can successfully tap into the creative matrix of the Universe, we need to attempt to WAKE UP! We need to get off automatic pilot long enough to hear and act from the still, small voice within.

We begin then with the subject of what is often called Mindfulness, or what I prefer to call Self-Observation. Most people have a concretized idea of who they are based on their likes and dislikes, their assessment of right and wrong. So the combination of preferences and values are the parameters around which our personalities are built.

“I’m not that kind of woman.”
“I don’t believe in that.”
“I’m always honest, even if it hurts the person’s feelings.”
“I don’t follow anybody’s rules but my own.”
“I am always willing to help someone who needs it.”
“I never talk about somebody behind their back.”
“I know I’m a caring person.”
“I don’t like passive-aggressive people.”
“I would never ask someone to do something for me that I wouldn’t do for them in return.”

Any and all such claims by us as individuals can only EVER be true at particular moments in time. The reason is that we are not the same person from one moment to the next. For example, someone may pride himself on being a peacemaker, a laid-back kind of guy, someone who doesn’t allow himself to get “rattled.” That can certainly be true until when, in the next moment, someone insults him, assaults him, or challenges his manhood. Then wild horses couldn’t keep him from “defending” himself, an unmistakable aspect of war. This is neither right nor wrong, just a fact.

So here’s the thing. It sounds so simple but one of the hardest things in the world to do is to come awake enough to step back and observe one’s self. It would make a good start to just take a moment, several times a day to check in with yourself to hear what your last thought was, or recall your most recent train of thought. Was it positive, constructive, loving or was it fearful, defeatist or angry? Listen. Pay attention. That’s all it takes. Just observe without judgement--without calling what you observe in yourself right or wrong. You do this just for the sake of gathering information and practicing being your own silent witness.

The reason it is important to develop this skill is that thoughts and emotions will have to be monitored during the process of manifestation to avoid contaminating it by harboring doubt, which will delay or even cancel the creative act.

You can start right away using the 10 Most Wanted List to help structure the process of creating your desires. Metaphysics is simply the knowledge of the universal laws of consciousness. Use them and experience for yourself the difference it makes.
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