The Physics of the Invisible

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You've heard it called "The Law of Attraction", or "The Secret", or maybe "The Power of Positive Thinking", or even "Mind Over Matter." These are all descriptions of what I prefer to call "The Natural Laws of Metaphysics" because metaphysics as a branch of study is both natural and it is physical. Metaphysics is simply the study of the physics of the invisible spectrums and dimensions.

The reason I wanted to move on to the physics of metaphysics is that I wanted to put a foundation under, and structure around, the process of manifestation. The prefix "meta-" in metaphysics denotes not the unreal, but the more real because it includes that which exists but cannot be counted or measured such as thoughts, emotions and desires. Make no mistake--thoughts are things! There is a saying that "Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind." Produce what? Where? They produce what you believe and expect mirrored back to you in the form of your everyday experiences!

I am, by my acquired personality, a doubter. I take great pleasure in being able to truthfully say, "I'm from Missouri. You've got to show me!" So when I was first introduced to metaphysical concepts by my sister Dorothy, I wouldn't, couldn't, buy into any of it at face value. At the same time, I liked the idea that I was responsible for how my life had gone. It meant that my determined efforts to get to where I was had not gone to waste. But until I tried it for myself, until I proved it to myself and was able to watch myself create on purpose, metaphysics was just another theory, just someone else's opinions and experiences.

Then at age 46, I started college and studied physics and mathematics to look for the physical corollaries to the Laws of Metaphysics that I knew were there. I did this not only to satisfy myself and my own need for things to "make sense", but for anyone like me who needed something more "down to Earth" than the offerings of religion or philosophy to explain why each life has meaning. I found what I was looking for among the laws of physics, in the language of mathematics and most importantly, in the field of quantum mechanics.

So this series of posts will be directed towards revealing the physics of metaphysics and why we should care about it at all. Knowing that what we can see and hear and touch and taste and smell is less than five percent of what exists--the rest being completely invisible, will start to form a picture in our minds of what is possible. Knowing the properties of energy as encapsulated in the formula E = mc^2, so that we can manipulate the formula on purpose, will help demonstrate the truth of the relationship between energy and matter. Demonstrating our mastery of the Natural Laws of Metaphysics will restore hope that our subsequent generations will live better lives than we have because we will have taught them these Laws from an early age.

Africans are the original scientists, cosmologists and mathematicians. Yet today, we are woefully underrepresented in these fields. We are in a position to encourage our children in science and technology, which is almost required since in the digital age, being tech savvy is tantamount to being literate. For the engineer and the artist alike, for the young and for the old, understanding that metaphysics is the physics of the invisible, the science of the soul, will serve to benefit us all.
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