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This country is very familiar with the Klansman of old who under the cover of darkness donned white hoods, sheets and conducted a campaign of terror throughout America that targeted former African-American slaves, their families and descendants. These were the white Southern and Midwest citizens of the United States of America whose lineage is from that of former slave owners and others. These are the white citizens of America that during the period of slavery and afterwards, committed despicable and cowardly acts of violence, rape and murder against a darker skinned people. This is an untold period of historical fact in an America that has clothed herself in the red, white and blue garment of virtue (conformity to moral and ethical principles), integrity, patriotism and democracy.
She has been presented to the world as the epitome of greatness, strength and power. Yet the very fabric from which her garment is weaved has become soaked and stained of blood spilled from the countless innocent lives that these cowards cloaked in white sheets and their predecessors have taken. They have castrated, maimed, whipped, lynched, burned alive, raped, sodomized, impregnated with their seed, terrorized and murdered a large segment of the African-American people. They have in the dead of night burned crosses on the front lawns of African-American families with malicious intent to intimidate and terrorize. They have marched openly in the streets of America spewing vile and racist rhetoric at a people solely based on the color of skin. They have out of hatred and jealousy bombed from planes an entire town of prominent and successful African-Americans citizens who seized the opportunity of freedom to pursue prosperity and democracy. They have murdered and burned innocent young African-American girls attending church. Imagine that, these so-called self-proclaimed Christians who glorify themselves as white supremacists taking the lives of other Christians. One would ask how and why would anyone commit such reprehensible acts of violence upon another human being? Oh let us not forget that these same so-called Christians crucified their beloved Jesus. One would also ask why and how could such conduct and deplorable behavior be allowed to persist without the demand for justice and prosecution?

The answer to this question is a very simple one. America’s virtuous garment of patriotism, democracy, freedom, liberty, and justice for all is threaded with hypocrisy. For she has beckoned to the call of duty on more than one occasion the African American to stand up and defend her honor against perpetrators of violence and destroyers of democracy. America on the other hand has failed to provide any manner of defense or protection for her African-American defenders and their children. She has not and will not question or punish those who commit heinous acts of cruelty and violence. These atrocious crimes against humanity of are still exacted upon her African-American people by her white defenders and their children. She has turned her back on those and their descendants who have with unwavering courage and loyalty fought, shed blood, and died for her so that she could maintain freedom and democracy. This same freedom, liberty and privilege however is not extended to the African-American children of her nation. Instead there is a constant stream of hate, violence, racial discrimination, and murder that we endure at the hands of her venomous and despicable white children. Yes America, land of the free and the home of the brave is a thankless , non reciprocating coward as it pertains to her African-American children.

She has songs written with words of glorification that attest to her majestic presence, but these words are more befitting.

Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light
Who so proudly they murdered at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose burning crosses were raised through the perilous night,
O'er the ramparts they watched amidst the horror of screaming?
And the crosses red glare, their cries bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night of the hate that was still there.
Oh, say does that poi-so-nous hatred yet wave
O'er the lives of the free and the hearts of the brave?

This has been America’s unspoken legacy which she attempts to conceal and forget. She would wish for the slate to be clean as the driven snow and her presence exalted with unabashed glory. She would have us think that her past is without blemish and that she is clothed in purity. She will insist to us African-Americans that we forget about slavery and the wretchedness that she has bathed in. We however, haven’t any intention of forgetting or turning a blind eye to her insidious past or to the present. The blatant and most times subtle biased treatment is still very prevalent and permeates through every fabric of African-American society.
Today we are experiencing that same violent and murderous conduct which continues unabated. The difference this time around is that her evil children of the KKK are no longer concealed behind the white hoods and sheets and dark of night.

Present day Klansman now operate behind the impenetrable shield of law enforcement and code of blue protection. They have exchanged their hoods and sheets for the uniform of law and have at their disposal an arsenal of weaponry more suitable for military combat. This new costume offers them a complete sanctity behind a wall of protection and irreproachable facade. In the eye of the public they are cast as men of unquestionable and unshakeable integrity and honor. We are confronted in this era with the new Klansman who is allowed to operate openly with impunity and no real threat of prosecution. This new Klansman has killed over 5000 people in America and still counting since 9/11. This figure is more than any terrorist group has committed over the same time span. These numbers average just a little fewer than four hundred (400) American lives per year that have been taken by the hands of police. These are the very same people who have a sworn duty to serve and protect its citizens. This new reign of terror that has taken underway has become an epidemic of unwarranted acts of violence, racial discrimination, profiling, unjustifiable searches/detainment, blatant disregard for civil rights, and murder. We have gradually slipped back into an era of prejudicial and wanton violence with no visible or tangible recourse. Could it be that the a lack of consciousness and complete indifference for justice is based on a prejudicial mindset towards the victims. That would suggest that the individuals who are in a position to prosecute are culpable in the scenario.So therefore the machine is tainted because the mechanisms are working in concert with one another. What other reason would explain the reluctance to seek justice and prosecution?

We have voiced our anger, we have cried, we have protested, we have consoled one another, we have marched, we have expressed our displeasure with the absence of justice, and we continue to bury our own more and more with the passing of time. Our people are continuously killed by this new American Klansman and there is no immediate indication that it will cease. What are the alternatives for us as a people? What measures must we take against the vicious acts of those that kill African-Americans indiscriminately and with malice? This is the question that begs an answer to a corrupted system of protection and accountability.

It is asserted that one African-American male is killed every 28 hours by police or vigilantes.
There is a new Klansman in America and he doesn’t seem to be making an exit anytime soon. We as African-American citizens must devise a plan of action that will escort this trigger happy maniacal group of people to the exit door. There is no place in the America that we envision for them....

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Written By: Africafifth

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