The Law of the One And the Many

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A fundamental tenet of the nature of reality is the Law of the One And the Many. An understanding of this pattern of of creation is indispensable to the practicing metaphysician. There is only One Thing in the cosmos: energy vibrating at infinitely varying rates, creating all the known phenomena in the universe. Although the One is ultimately unnamable, in order to gain a workable understanding we can describe it in terms that Energy, the One, IS...matter, the many, becomes.







This poem is an expression of my understanding of the Law of the One And the Many. Any one thing we can name mirrors this law so if we are aware of it and how it operates in reality as we experience it, we can see that contained within each name, there is more than one valid way to describe the thing.

As human beings, one thing we want is for our lives to have meaning. That's why the slogan, "Black Lives Matter" struck such a deep chord in not just Black people, but also in all those detractors who would seek to diminish our value as human beings in order to satisfy their lust for hatred. Even though we have this need for our lives to have meaning, it is expressed in as many different ways as there are Black people. It is important to recognize that each of us came here with innate talents, interests and abilities, and rejoice in the knowledge that by sharing our unique gifts, we can't help but live satisfying, meaningful lives.

As Black people, one thing we want is unity. We want to commune with our own people for the betterment of our race. We have to recognize that Black Unity will never be achieved, though, until we are able to allow every Black person to seek to express themselves in whatever way their soul dictates without anyone being called "wrong" or "bad". Even if we vehemently disagree with one another about what is good and right, we have to be as one, united by our black skin and our common experience of racism.

As parents, one thing we want is for our children to thrive--to be safe and happy and to achieve their dreams. The many ways we go about helping them thrive is up to each parent, again without anyone's approach being labeled as wrong. However we choose to raise, educate and protect our children, it is our right and responsibility to do so. We each have our own values, convictions and experiences that inform our decisions of how we prepare our children to contend with life's ups and downs. And if we see that someone is struggling here, offering support rather than criticism will help to strengthen our race.

In acknowledging the validity of the Law of the One and the Many, we see that it is not necessary to quarrel with one another over the path to Black Liberation. Rather, its acceptance means that each person is encouraged to contribute what they can according to their own conscience and understanding. This is a theme I return to often because I can't stress strongly enough that there is only one Absolute and that everything else is relative. My path is to encourage anyone who sees the value in it to use the metaphysical approach--the direction and control of invisible mental energy--to work toward eliminating racism in America. Metaphysicians take the approach that everything in the cosmos is mind-stuff or mental energy and therefore, we take the energetic approach to eliminate racism knowing that we create our own reality.

To say that we will eliminate racism is a bit misleading; what we actually seek to do is to render it impotent by withdrawing its object. Racism can only operate on us from the outside in the event that we seek something from White America. If we do not go to White America for jobs, education, housing, social status, entertainment, protection or acceptance in any form, racism has no place to go but where it rightfully belongs and that is into eroding the soul of the racist.

Let us find unity among ourselves no matter how diverse our outlooks and practices. I think the one thing we can agree on is that racism is alive and well in America. Let's respect ourselves enough to accept that there are myriad ways we seek to deal with it, and together move forward on every front.

Peace and blessings!

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