The Hollow Being

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The present and constant pursuits of fulfillment amid meandering souls are ever elusive pseudo objectives. The thing or things that we seek for completion or wholeness fail to provide us with adequate contentment or satisfaction and we find ourselves instantaneously gratified but constantly yearning for more and more. We struggle to appease the appetite of an enormous and ravenous insatiable relentless beast. Make no mistake, this is unattainable...

We can look down upon the weak and ignore their suffering as long as we capitalize from the process. We will ignore their pain and find ways or reasons to justify our iniquities as we frown upon theirs.. We cast aspersions on the less fortunate, exploit their unfortunate circumstances to our benefit and excuse ourselves of all culpability...Yet no matter the amount of success, power or wealth that is accumulated we continue to remain empty souls. Hollowed out by the axes of those ancient voracious Nemeses, (Ignorance and Greed).

All of us seek some form of redemption or solace that escapes our want and beckoning....Whether we be rich, poor or in between there lies in us all the need for self-identity and worth. Something of value or something of significance to provide us with meaning and purpose to what most may construe as a meaningless existence..But that which we have been conditioned to pursue does not yield substance for the soul nor fulfills our spiritual needs.. The fleeting and frivolous materialistic aspects of life provide only temporal pleasure or gratification.

I have become that which I have feared and loathed the most. I am a shell of what I have been created or predestined to be. I have deviated from the path of principles, righteousness, integrity and honor. My purpose is all but a mirage of a clouded mind and a jaded vision. My optics are very much blurred and I am in need of directions that will guide me away from this convoluted mental depravity. The force has embolden itself behind a vaulted wall and is dug in deep.. Any attempts to free myself prove futile for it knows all to well my weaknesses...Prisoner to an invisible yet powerful force which has sequestered itself deep within the bowels my being. The doorway to exit remains unreachable and I have been cast into the darkness while I lament for relief of this hollow soul.

The spirit requires fulfillment of another source outside of this wretched world of highwaymen, these trinkets of sparkling glitter, alluring honey dripped lips of beckoning women and smooth silvery tongued men...Pleasure and gratification are fleeting in that which cradles no substance of life and sustains not the inner being. We are the lost species of life form on earth wandering in the darkness. Seeking the light and struggling for wholeness, yet continuing down the path of destruction...We have been at this place many, many, many times before. How often must we rediscover what has already been discovered. It has been written yet we willfully continue to bathe in ignorance, greed and denial.

I must find a way to be the keeper of my spirit and the custodian of my temple.. I must look beyond this realm and seek understanding from a higher place. For I am in need of enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment. The day of reckoning draws near and I pray I take leave of this place with wholeness of heart, mind, body and soul.....Austerity and Altruism

All that we think we are, we are not.. All that we do today has been done yesterday!!!

Written by; Alton T. DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth
Blessings to all my Akan and Temne people of Africa

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