The Holiness of Being Black

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Saint Icon.png All creation emanates from a single Divine Source so all of creation is holy. Whether or not we adhere to a particular religion, it is important to start to see how our black skin correlates to the Divine Feminine and stop living according to the standards, customs and morés of a masculine, patriarchal model. It's time to bring forth, in its full glory, the sacred blackness we are meant to do. It's time to see that we are Goddess-become-human so that we can live as human-become-Goddess. Man or woman, our natural way of expressing in the world is the way of the Divine Feminine.

Our black skin is the outer manifestation of the Sacred Blackness, the Divine Feminine, the Mother of Everything. Everything that comes into existence began that existence in blackness. From the known universe itself emanating from the black void, to the stars that shine brilliantly within the blackness of space, to the child developing in the blackness of its mothers womb, to the seed that germinates in the black earth, to the thoughts and dreams that come forth from the hidden blackness of our consciousness, blackness represents the aspect of divinity that is the Mother and the Source of everything.

When religion spawned duality, when what cannot be separated became separate in people's minds, the war between the so-called "forces of light and darkness" also began. This, Sisters and Brothers, is a perversion of the cosmic order. Although we've been taught that white is pure and holy while black is immoral and evil, and although this perversion is engrained in the Western psyche to an unimaginable extent, it's time to break the spell of this destructive misconception and live from our holy blackness.

The word holy itself comes from a root word that means whole. To see examples of our role in bringing balance and wholeness into the world, and fulfilling our role of being living expressions of the Divine Feminine, here are some examples of the differences between the feminine and masculine energies.


Darkness / Light
Inner Directed / Outer Directed
Passive / Active
Intuitive / Analytical
Emotional / Rational
Cyclical / Linear
Empathetic / Objective
Receptive / Assertive
Creative / Constructive
Simultaneous / Successive
Collective / Individual
Process Oriented / Outcome Oriented

The reason that practicing metaphysical principles is such a good fit for Black people is that it is done in the blackness of our consciousness. By taking the metaphysical approach to spirituality, the approach that is inner directed and creative, that is receptive to the subtler energies of the Cosmos, that values emotion equally with rationality, that sees and demonstrates the holiness of blackness, we not only lift ourselves out of despair and hopelessness, we actually heal what is sick about the world we live in and bring forth balance and wholeness from the Source of Creation. As practicing metaphysicians we stop living from the ill-fitting masculine paradigm of individualistic self-service and instead act from the feminine paradigm of living for the collective good.

What could be holier than that?

Be sure to visit the Afro Metaphysics website and Facebook page. And for a more in-depth look at metaphysical principles and how they relate to Black Liberation, get your copy of The Church of the Cosmic Mother: Metaphysics for the African American Seeker.

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