The Great National Gap of America.

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By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey
Down threw the years there has been something that many have not payed a lot of attention too.
The widening gap between the rich and the poor, if all is well and opportunity abounds, why are
people from the poor side of the fence having so much despair ?
We must stop this in between business, there is no such thing as a middle class in the United States
You are rich or you are poor, if you do not enjoy all of the benefits and freedoms of the rich then
you are poor. The poor are even led to believe it is wicket and evil to be rich by pastors and preachers
and you can tell the GOD-SPELL is working on the congregation, because the one casting the spell is always driving the latest Cadillac and dressed in the finest garments.
I am not a TV watcher but I listen to radio nightly and observe the people daily.
Watching the type of so called crimes that are committed daily across the United States.
Why are so many men and women robbing small convenient stores, and gas stations that don't bring in mush cash?
Even shoe store clerks and doughnut shops, Pizza shops, coffee shops, barber shops and hair salons.
A lot of these robberies are committed by people using knives instead of guns, which tells me
something is wrong in this country.
I have been watching this wealth gap for many years around the world, also investigating the problem
from ancient records, and its always been a large and dangerous problem facing nations across the planet.
The rich is unwilling to share the wealth, you are hired by a company and told by the management you
will be paid $10,00 an hour for your labor and a one week paid vacation, but at the end of the week
you don't have enough money to make ends meet, and you know for a fact the company makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, but they just won't share the wealth with you and you are the
one who is helping to make them rich. And on top of that they lied to you about the paid vacation,
business. Your planned trip to the virgin islands was not paid for nor your plane ticket or hotel.
Instead you were given a week off with pay, which means you go no where.
You were excited about the interview leading up to the hiring date, but after six months on the job
you feel stuck.
The town I live in is one worst places to live in the United Sates, if you are looking to come up, I was hired as a carpenter by a company out of Alabama construction contractors they came to town with a union my salary was seventeen fifty an hour plus overtime pay plus medical benefits, I worked one week before a meeting was called, all employees were informed the union was pulling out of the city
and all salaries would be reduced some people were electricians, welders, commercial plumbers, cement finishers making twenty five to thirty dollars an hour, my pay dropped from $17,50 to $9,50 an hour many employees walked off the job that day. And other benefits were wiped out.
So what happened ? The rich who run the city would not allow the people to have a union in that town that they did not control and they did not allow the masses to earn that kind of pay in their town.
You can walk downtown in my city Jacksonville Florida and you cannot find one store owned by people who look like me, but visit the court house and jail and wallah! There we are.
I would never wish this place on anyone who look like me.
All of the rail road tracts are located in our neighbor hood but condominiums are being built on the river for the have mores, early in the morning at 7:00 am a whistle blows signaling the time for all slaves to be at work and it blows again at 5:00 pm for all slaves to return home from slavery, it is called Big Ben.
Myself and other brothers help build the Jaguar Stadium and when the job was finished we were never given free admit ion or free tickets to come to any games not even a letter of thanks.
The price of tickets, food and beer was more than any of us could afford.
We had one beach in my town it has been taken over by the rich and condominiums built on the ocean front, one home have a swimming pool built upstairs on the front porch with a mini golf course on the side of the house and there are restrictions on people walking that neighborhood today.
The rich are building apartment sky scrapers on the river front now, guess who will live in them.
Oh and by the way most or all of the homeless shelters are down town but there are plans to move them
out into the suburbs away from the sight of the rich instead of sharing the wealth.
Even though we have more vacant houses in America than we have homeless people they won't give
them homes because homelessness in America is a million dollar business through grant money
where the grant writers make thousands and the homeless remain homeless.
Down through history when the poor has had enough they always turn on the rich, including those who
appear to have more than the poor.
History has proven, when the righteous comes to power there is peace in the land because the people
have what they need.
History also proves, when the corrupted comes to power the people are oppressed and live in despair
Every State in America has heavy police presence with weapons hired and paid by the rich.
The trick is to make the poor believe they are there to protect them, yet it is the poor who fill the courts jails and grave yards.
This post is written by me to the poor, we must understand our biggest asset, and that is it's more of us
than it is of them, and the only one who can free you is you, and you must become free at all cost
and by any means necessary.
Have a nice day.
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