Struggle or Mission

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I sat down recently after my last post and thought to myself. Man, why are we as African/Black American folk always referring to our situation as a struggle? I mean if most of life is connected to perception and we label our endeavor for equality as a struggle or some plight, haven't we set ourselves up to fail? Does this not create a negative feedback loop that will set in motion the wheels of discontent when ever and where ever we are confronted with adversity? Does it not set the tone for us? I believe that it does......

What if folks were to approach this as a mission to be achieved with a different set of lenses would we then shift the toggle switch of perception in our brains towards a fighting mode? Is it possible that there would be a greater motivation to get it done no matter what....We know how much a simple word can dramatically impact a person’s psyche and make the difference between positive and negative (to do or not to do)...So, doesn't the word (struggle)suggests a continuous fight with something that is becoming strenuous and burdensome?

We often talk about how the struggle continues and it is never-ending. I believe this in and of itself weighs a person down tremendously and gives one cause to become not interested in the task that lies ahead. Whereas the word mission or goal creates a desire to achieve and complete the task at hand. It denotes a more worthy cause for fight..

I know some may say that it is simple semantics and just a play on words, but isn't everything we listen to and read just a play on words? It's just the manner or context in which it is presented and understood that elicits a desired response..A mission appears to add the connotation of something admirable while struggle applies to an effort to hard and arduous and leads to a greater exertion of energy. I guess it all depends on ones perception, struggle or mission and how one approaches it.... Just some food for thought..

To say that something is a struggle causes us to approach it with a great deal of skepticism, reluctance and effort? Procrastination..

To say something is my mission or goal attaches a greater sense of urgency to it.. Motivation for success..

Either way it sets the tone of mentality and applies to almost anything we attempt to do in life...

A Struggle or A Mission

Written by; Alton T. DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth)

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