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Alrighty then! Now that we’ve talked a bit about the importance of self-observation in preparation for the act of voluntary, purposeful creation, we can now look at taking that first step in actually bringing our creations into physical manifestation.

We are creating something in every moment. We can even go so far as to say that we have created everything that we experience in our lives. Bull! you say. Why would I create the pain, disappointment, loss, and sorrow I’ve experienced in my life?

The answer is hinted at above in the words “voluntary” and “purposeful.” No one in her right mind would create misery on purpose. Later on we will examine more closely where misery comes from and the reasons that we suffer. But for this topic, creating on purpose with a purpose, we are talking about the act of conscious creation.

The first component of conscious creation is DESIRE.

Identifying what we want, what we truly want, is a process of uncovering or discovering our essence, or put another way, our soul’s purpose. This is an important distinction from simply saying “I want…” because wanting without guidance from within is just another form of sleepwalking. It is certainly possible to create something using the Laws of Consciousness because your neighbor has it or because you’ve seen it in a commercial. It is possible to create something in order to get revenge or “teach someone a lesson.” It is possible to create whatever you choose using the Laws of Consciousness without referring to your inner compass for guidance. But whatever is created this way fails to satisfy for any length of time. Whatever is created this way fails to add value in the world. Whatever is created this way is subject to unpleasant karmic repercussions.

So identifying and setting your desire is best done by first turning inward to get a sense of what having a particular desire manifest will do for you. Become still and ask yourself some pertinent questions about what you say you want. Ask yourself, for example, how you will feel when you achieve your desire. What function will it serve in your life? Who will benefit from your having it? Will it cause harm to anyone? By aligning your desires with your essence, that part of you that is divine, free from ego and has no opposite that can create bad karma, you ensure that what you create brings you and the world the maximum level of joy and fulfillment. Otherwise, what’s the point of desiring at all?

When embarking on this path of conscious creation, balance is called for. If all desire is focused on making money for example, and only making money, other areas of life that also need our attention such as relationships, service to others, personal growth, leisure and relaxation, and giving something back to our communities and our people, will suffer. All these areas deserve to be looked at in the light of what we desire.

Spend some time getting clear on what it is you really want. The 10 Most Wanted List is an excellent way to get clarity. It focuses attention on things you do want and allows things that you thought you wanted but were not in alignment with your essence to easily and painlessly fall away. Without clarity on what you truly desire, time and energy are wasted on bringing into being things and circumstances that fail to serve the purpose of bringing you satisfaction, joy and an enhanced feeling of aliveness. With clarity, you consciously create the life you deserve and were meant to have.
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