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Saboteurs, who are they and how do they disrupt and impede the progress of others?

Some of these folks are unconsciously sabotaging our progress, while others are very much aware of what they are doing and why they are doing it. As to why they do it the answer is a complex one. There are many contributing factors why someone who has experienced nothing but oppression would work earnestly to knock down the progression of others. There is something deeply psychologically twisted and rooted in the minds of those who are complicit in this regard.

Some of these folks believe implicitly that we will always be brainwashed and mentally chained. They will vigorously attempt to thwart all and any efforts made by people that want nothing more than to enlighten others so that they can free themselves from a life of anguish and the agony of mental slavery. They will repeatedly spew poisonous rhetoric of how powerless we are. They will whisper untruths in the ears of others to turn people against each other in an effort to create conflict and dissension. They are the Judists who will betray their brethren for a few coins of silver and much, much less...

They will disguise themselves as your ally, professing to embrace the same ideologies and sense of purpose.. They will sit at your table, break bread with you and sip from the same cup all the while attempting to illicit trust and lull you into a false sense of security. They will wear the skin of the chameleon and give you the impression that you both are one in the same. They will conceal their nefarious motives behind this well constructed camouflage and in times of conflict and controversy suddenly abandon you and leaving you to fend for yourself. They will organize along side you while conspiring with your enemies behind your back....

These folks want nothing more than to be the purveyor of malice and the cause of your failure. Your demise is what they seek and all that you attempt to build is at risk because these folks can not stomach the possibility of you being successful. The uplifting and empowerment that you incite and infuse into others poses for them a genuine threat as it is an illustration of constructive change. There are a great number of folks who have a natural innate tendency to relish in the agony of others. Some just don't want anything upsetting the status quo and are reluctant to embrace change and are extremely resistant and combatant to those who present it. The concept of preservation and conservation is not unique to just white folks. We have many folks of color who feel the same way and will work against you to maintain the current structure.....You may ask yourself why and I will answer by saying that change makes people uncomfortable and it usually means taking them out of their comfort zone. Henceforth the saboteurs..

Some of these folks are just malicious, spiteful, hateful and plain old evil...Some are just uneducated, lack knowledge and vision. Some are just insentient beings and have no desire to grow. Some are naysayers and non believers for positive and constructive change and some are just plain old lazy... That's just the way they are. It is the cloth that they are cut from and there is absolutely nothing on this earth that will change that for most. Everyone was not meant to go where it you are going and they will attempt to sabotage your plans. You have to learn who you can trust and who you can not. That in and of itself is the greatest challenge to us all..

Who is your enemy and who is your friend?

Who is your fellow disciple and who is your Judist?

Only time will tell!!!

Written by Al DeVeaux Jr. Africa Fifth

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