Re: Mandatory Car Insurance VS Mandatory Health Insurance..

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The basic question asks, "How does mandatory health insurance differ from mandatory car insurance?"..

My response:

Car insurance is only required for people with Cars. Health insurance is required for people with Health.. it's a much larger net.​

but like car insurance, the more you use it, the higher the premiums become.. it has to.. because insurance is based on probability.. it's profitable because most people don't actually use it. If those insurance companies would have paid out for Katrina.. they would have been bankrupted.. it's a scam system. Now we have it applied to healthcare which most people also don't use often.. but we have to pay or be penalized whether we need it or not. And if we all do need it, the prices are going to rise.. and then the tax is going to rise.. and it's just a matter of time before it becomes a tyranny in it's own right.. AND the clock is always ticking. We have for the first time a tax associated with citizenship.. and it's under the jurisdiction of the IRS. So it's not like Car insurance.. where if you don't pay, you lose your coverage.. no.. this one is.. pay or else we will penalize you.. and the juice is running until you do pay.​
Anyone ever tangled with the IRS knows what I'm talking about.​

So for me, the problem really has to do with the fact that we are being required to pay premiums that include profits for the insurance companies.. and as their profit goals increase, our taxes will increase.. it's like giving greedy people control of tax revenue. I think a better initiative would have been to build Government hospitals in every state and offer free care.. the money spent by the government would be going strait back into the economy in the form of jobs.. it would be a massive buildout that would create thousands of jobs.. similar to Roosevelt's National park initiative.. but just giving the money to insurance companies while not targeting any regulation on profits.. or medical costs.. like Pharmaceuticals just sets us up for corporate abuse. Johnson and Johson make 13 Billion in profit last year on 60 billion in revenue.. and Kaiser did 6 billion over the last two years.. and they still wants to raise premiums.. The rich run from industry to industry exploiting the taxpayers.. and the government simply facilitates their will.​

What can we do?... nothing really.. Just buy some stock and ride the wave like everybody else.. Healthcare industry profits will reach record highs over the next 4 years..​
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