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I love this poem. I decided to share it.

GIFTS by Oodgeroo Noonuccal (MSRIP). Oodgeroo (Kath Walker) was an an Australian Aborigine activist/writer who, with deft humor, puts together this perfectly graceful poem (perfect to me). Enjoy.


‘I will bring you love,’ said the young lover,
‘A glad light to dance in your dark eye.
Pendants I will bring of the white bone,
And gay parrot feathers to deck your hair.’

But she only shook her head.

‘I will put a child in your arms,’ he said.
‘Will be a great headman, great rain-maker.
I will make remembered songs about you
That all tribes in all the wandering camps
Will sing forever.’

But she was not impressed.

‘I will bring you the still moonlight of the lagoon
And steal for you the singing of all the birds;
I will bring down the stars from heaven to you,
And put the bright rainbow into your hand.’

‘No,’ she said, ‘bring me tree-grubs.’
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