On Ray Hagins's approach (videos)

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I generally only publish/post a small portion of what I write in response to the thread topics.. This is the unpublished portion of my comments in the thread:

In @Each1Teach1's, "The Bible Is An Incredible Book" thread, I listened to several hours of Ray Haggins work.. And I noticed very surely and clearly.. what I call.. The 'Yall aint up on this' Black Cultural Idom.. in full effect.. It's usually used by black folks that want to stand-out from the crowd... meaning.. standing out becomes their primary source of social-esteem. Its the idiom that connects the Dude with the Penguin Skin Jordans to the Baller with the Canary Yellow Phantom to the Pastor with the radical theology. When everybody gets them Penguin Skin Jordans, dude will show up with Sea Otter skin Adidas.. and when some other Baller shows up with that Canary Yellow Phantom.. dude will go out and get something different.. and if that radical theology suddenly became mainstream.. what do you think that pastor motivated by the "Yall Aint Up On This black cultural idiom will do? You got it.. find someother way to stand out.. to stand different.. to be up on some new truth that the masses don't understand. The whole thing is about self... and esteem.. and image.

That's what I see in Haggins.. If you know the truth, just tell me. Why spread the lie with the truth? Why tell me all of this stuff about a system you don't agree with? That's the basis of my question: What does he have to say to non-christians? to non-religious people? What is their within his message to latch-onto other than the idea that Christianity is inauthentic?

as I said in the other thread:

"..What I'd like to see Mr Hagins do.. is layout the parts of the Bible that he believes to be authentic.. and then, I'd like to see him juxtapose the particular character of the Black Christian personality against those writings.. and highlight what black Christians should be doing differently.. that would be constructive and instructive.. and it might just be convincing..." (http://destee.com/index.php?threads/the-bible-is-an-incredible-book.69082/page-2#post-713101)

and all that means is.. I'd like to hear what he has to say/what you have to say.. in affirmative terms.. not in juxtaposition to what someone else has to say. Just deliver your truth directly and positively and let the people that notice differences, note those differences. But like you said, this isn't about Ray.. it's about the message.. but.. the messenger is an integral part of the message. I have to be suspicious of the information contained in the note attached to the arrow lodged in my chest. The truth is one thing but Intention is another.. in other words.. Context is Everything.
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