Notes I took while pondering my likings.

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What happen to the K in the C his mystery
We’ve fallen for the symbolisms overall
Which could not be appreciate without
The shape of Kemistry loving shapes and how the florals just fall into place as a nother season rules.
The length of time it takes to edifice it’s face as a shape of living ones upon a line of other humans put into place for the sake of us understanding the way on a plain plane built for our transportation.
God is the concentration force of the field that produces motions of matter within.
The force being kemistry put into action to produce a negative and positive attraction until infinity.
In order to be a profeesor, you have to be able to profess your passion until believed to be accurate.
To be legitament not collegiate. To be one not just included.

you are the evidence science needs to survive
The spirit of matter is intrigued as u and I made
The colors majically made for us each day
At certain times
Through certains ways
Come home to a whole being made from
Nothing being the same throughout time
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