Not being willing to do what it takes to protect our communities is a gargantuan failure.

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Jul 8, 2012

Peace Omowalejabali.. cherryblossom, Kemetstry, Destee and every body else..

I think Omowalejabali's post above makes a key point. Not being willing to do what it takes to protect our communities is a gargantuan failure. it is, in my opinion.. the primary failure. And yes, I'm familiar with the reasons why.. but "why" doesn't bring that mother back her son.. or that daughter back her dignity.. or that son back from drug addiction. This failure to protect our people is a great source of division and confusion within our culture in America.

The jails are full of folks that have murdered or assaulted others over money.. or property.. or reputation. Black men have proven that they are not afraid of jail.. not even afraid of death. So, if we are going to die.. and we are going to be jailed.. why not let it be for noble reasons? We're going to jail for being the dope dealer.. when we should be going to jail for breaking his legs.. or blowing up his car.. with all the guns.. and lack of police protection in the hood.. the forces for righteousness should be handling their business.. That church on the corner should have an Armory in the basement.. and those streets should be safe with or without the police. Folks doing wrong should be disappearing.. The fact that that is not happening is a tremendous failure.. and is responsible for what I call "the respect-drain" in black communities.

Folks often ask why some women like thugs.. believe it or not.. this is part of it.. a person willing to go against the status quo for what he wants.. is more attractive than a man that allows the law to press him into social impotence. Those dudes protect their communities.. they protect their territories.. and they do it despite the law.. now.. even though they protecting those areas just so they can do wrong.. they are still exuding the strength that men in western society are supposed to exude.

If this was a black-only nation.. their would be a civil war between the underworld dudes and everybody else..

Remember this scene between these brothers in the Mack:

This is one of the internal struggles that we have to confront.. it's the same issue that comes up whenever a black person is shot by the cops.. and one side says "shame on the cops".. and the other side says, "shame on the black man".. and both sides are right.. and both things need to be dealt with.. but if we are going to be a group.. and share a fate.. we have to deal with our internal issues first.. we have to come together.. and that may have to be a violent process.. but it needs to happen.. and then we can deal with the outside. It's either that.. or just walk from the whole thing and be an individual.

what say you?

- Peace
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