Natural Journey: The Big Chop...Again

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Last year, in the summer of 2011, I felt that it was time I get rid of my relaxed hair, as it was breaking off constantly. I had it colored which attributed to the breakage, I was getting tired of having to relax my hair every month or so, and having to use a hot flat iron (which was also damaging) every day. To put it simply, it was too much work. Plus, I felt like a prisoner to the chemicals. So one night, I came home and took a pair of scissors and cut my hair all the way down to the new growth. After I cut it all off a part of me regretted my quick decision. I remember looking at my hair on the ground and around the sink thinking to myself, What have I done? Well there's no going back now. And then there was another part that felt free. As if I was brand new and I didn't have this dead hair weighing me down any more. And I was elated by the new journey I was about to embark to becoming a natural girl.
Over the course of of the year, I dug deep into the natural hair care world. Exploring blogs, forums, and YouTube videos on different types of natural hair regimens, and it was too much fun.
One my most favorite regimen was the Avocado Mask. My hair was so healthy and so strong. But there were parts of my hair that irritated me, as it wasn't as curly as the rest of my hair, but was kind of frizzy.
All that natural hair care excitement began to die out. And it seemed like my growth was taking forever, as I wanted to try new hairstyles with my now TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro). My patience had worn thin. So in the beginning of 2012, I stood in my bathroom, relaxer in one hand and comb in the other. I was going back to being relaxed.
I remember after I shampooed and conditioned my hair, my hair was healthy looking. I started to regret my decision to revert back. But again, there wasn't any going back now, unless I cut it all off again. But I decided that I was going to just be a relaxed girl. I felt like I had gotten back with an old ex whom I hated, but only put up with because he was "good looking".
But this rekindled relationship with my relax hair was more damaging then before. At first everything was fine, but as time went on, my hair fell out more and more. And I became less interested in up-keeping my hair and fell into just wearing hats as often as I could.
I missed my natural state, I missed my hair regimen, and my avocado mask....I missed being able to twist curls into my hair and making it springy.
My hair was EVERYWHERE...Wherever I went, I left a trail of strands. The back of my hair was falling out the most. When I washed my hair clumps of it would come out. I wanted to cry. My crown of hair was becoming a huge burden again. And my relationship with my hair was not going in the right direction and it was time to once again breakup.
On December 16, 2012, I went out, got completely drunk. Got into my shower, got my hair wet, got out, took my scissors and CHOPPED THAT CRAP OFF!
So here I am again, going back to the path of naturality. I'm more prepared then I was before and I know what the expect. With that said, I ready to stick with it this time.

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