Natural Journey: Mayo Conditioner

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So I watched a YouTube video to find a good homemade conditioner to apply to my hair. I found one which was a Mayonnaise protein conditioner.


- 1 Egg
- 2 Tablespoons Mayo
- 1 1/2 teaspoon Honey

Those ingredients may vary depending on the length of hair you have. Since my hair is very short at the moment, I didn't need much.

However, I saturated my hair most of it, then covered it with a shower cap for 35 minutes. You may also want to leave it in your hair longer if you have long thick hair.

I didn't sit under my dryer this time, but I have heard of other ladies who do so. I was just indifferent about the possibility of an egg frying on my head :p.

BTW, I washed my hair prior to applying the Mayo conditioner.

After 35 minutes, I made sure to rinse out my hair really good.

The results was my hair was shinny and feels really soft. I would definitely do this again. Maybe 2 times a month, as I heard too much protein for the hair really isn't too good.
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