Mr.Novel love's for Ms.Poem pt.2

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trMr.Novel love's for Ms.Poem pt.2

Posted 12-27-2009 at 11:09 PM by $$RICH$$

Mr.Novel love for Ms.Poem 2

On the river bankz of joy
i sit in da shadows of you
awaiting my day to love in
a rapturous moment of shared
feelings and verse our stay
As a novelist to your desires
and you my poetry of emotions
we become one huge story inside
a chocolate cocoon and inked in
a liquid vast of morrow my dearest
i so need thee and loveth unconditional
My Tales is the past and the present
the night and day and you
i so stain pages and quill down life
that has betrayed me but still i stand
upon the foundation waiting for you
to come and be my everlasting Ms.Poem
write me again !

Lyrical Maze
Posted 12-26-2009 at 01:59 PM by $$RICH$$​
My reflection mirror image
on bending, twistin lines of scrimmage
holdin close to my face
inside of this maze dat's taken place
blind on what's never seen
heard da voices of hallo screamz
going in a none vertical twist
on an upside down mental glist
going through an complex tour puzzle
at an complex branching passage muzzle
da speed is lightyears like orbiting life
hidden inside da labyrinth rought
on turns dat's yet to be sought
so i kept moving as i faught
da distinguished tales
of these difficult to navigate spells
cast upon my hand of brand
as i stand along in this lyrical maze
i'm just not fazed n life's comsumption
Da $R rights Reserved 09
Posted 12-27-2009 at 10:51 PM by $$RICH$$​
Bubbling cascading dreamin eyez
calls my love onward unto her morning shine
my heart is flush upon da moment of us
as i look her in da eyez , I see in depth
a morning glory to praise, and a blissful treat
yet lovely moment of connection love beatz
She attracts me with da notion of a blink
the way she look as her eyez begin to speak
dat make me become submissional weak
I caress her intently as i read her eyez
to look upon her i get mesmerize
wit a hypnotic glist of rapidfire
she become my greatest of loves desires
Beyond words i hear her inside my slumber
da whispers of yes ' babe yes " my heart rumble
asking me to behold and comfort
to love and adore wit compassion
to treasure and respect wit cares
all i can do is smile when i look into them eyez
Feeling grow on each look
deep in her eyez a love cook
beyond a touch mentally we clutch
in a sensual cascading creativity
those eyez like da radiant starz above
all i can do is submit my love.
Something about them eyez wooooo!!!


Posted 12-26-2009 at 04:12 PM by $$RICH$$


Once i looked into her eyez
there was a host of glisting starz
a celebration of love unfound
yet broken from da past dat mound

Beyond da pain and salty tearz
lay hope but love and truth da heart fearz
too broken yet feel so free
as i embrace her love to come upon me

As i celebrate da beauty she instill
and lift her spirit wit all my will
unchain da spirit to fly
go belove dance up high

Looking from my third eye
as she move me , my my my !!
her soul glowing into da night
a blazzin spirit, a wonderful sight

Celebrating what i now found
deep inside a woman to love
surely an angel from above
as she plant her feet upon this ground

She is a Celebration my heart
has found.

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