Mothers Language

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We will keep our mothers language and speak when she says so. My mothers language is accented across the world. Beginning on her continent of Afrika. The largeness of our land brings us all together to speak as one.
So when we come together, Mother always taught us how important traditional expressions are to your people across the rivers and facial and bodily moves enable us to relate with respect & communicate to all.
When we travel to active crops, clothing & dance will communicate to our environments faithfulness & appreciation.
Realizing my Mothers language has carried my ancestors through harvest. Today our communications continue to combine with mixed accents on the tongue.
My Mother always said,
"I brought you in with my hands of love, while they'll be snakes itching at your life chord."
"Remember where your voice comes from traditionally in order that you feel our workings from home."
"Honey everything has already been claimed for your ultimate access of survival, with our tribal communications throughout time."
"Child never lose your tongue for you will die of starvation and keep your mouth closed when resting on your travel in order to connect energies as you'll see the star we love and worship in our village."
"I am never far."
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