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MILES to my JOURNEY pt.I and pt.II

Posted 07-04-2010 at 07:51 PM by $$RICH$$


Across da blanket field of exsistance
beyond the hazzy clay of the day
under da fall grey clouds of morrow
life present itself in da shadows

A shadow of hopes and dreams
written cross da skyline
like a multi-colour rainbow in decoration
uniforming a window of opportunity

In full bloom to redesign a guarantee improvement
upon the life of my struggle, inside my poverty maze
I stand upon the pride rock on da battle field
given the fight to the highest and mighty hand

Thinking of one as my trusted resource, given into thy will
as an object or act intended to increase beauty of a person
I paint da dimple light of happiness unto thy people
while shading in da interior truth of love and loyality

Da creativity of this elegant virbrant flowery love
beholds in it own clash of unity, awaken of passion
gaining power so unique , so strong as i praise thee
for tonight i lay me down beside da still waters
revisit da image before me , to learn who i am .

Miles to my Journey II (my sceptres)

sceptre, of great magnificence were used by kings
and upper orders, but this one is of my hands !
used to manifest it's own written glory beyond fame.
For there is no doubt of the hardship upon da miles
where i've witness da burning sky to my left,
and the beauty of an rainbow spooling to my right.

Each day present another fight a war and battle
through da poverty of my struggle where i loom
in the greater moments, forthy image shown unto da sky
a face of pain , a liquid mind and broken heart
I know my journey is yet done by the division of my people
da hollow cries and empty tomb , but i still raise my sceptres
in hope just as mosses did unto da red sea.

Let me not die before i see the glory risen of my blackness,
and thy happiness of faces beholding my journey here.
Let da sceptres of my handz be uplifting and gethering beyond
my flawz and faulty missions, I will not be tamed by da word
or it's garnish condition, nor will i wilt to any submission on life
I'll walk the forfronts, lead the rebirth unto our solidary clash
there will be beauty at the foundation of a rebuilded nation.

I will or may not see the culture of my later roots
but i will in da forever spirit know as i live through the hearts
this journey has been a life, as i found myself through it,
O'ye thy father i raise my sceptres and thy voice
i use my unconditional love with da williness of ya word
to bring my struggle face to face with thy handz
and fight to bring collective love so dayz would be easy
I may rest now in da depth of my slumber like death.
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