Just some thoughts...

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So, once upon a time, I've known this girl.....we were all young, most of us more or less optimists. She was intelligent, but had some ,,weird,, beliefs.....she believed most humans were by nature agrressive. The society? A way to keep in control our violence....and not doing such a great job in many cases. Religion? A big lie, yes, but one who pretty much had the same role as society, laws, rules-written and unwritten, etc- to control our violence, to make sure the stronger will not kill or otherwise step on
all the others. Basically she believed all our societies, arts, festivals, literature, cultural traditions, codes of honor and so on.....were just polishing our very violent nature, and the cold truth that people will always have to be controlled in a way or another, unless you want this ,,fragile equilibrium,, to be broken, and our human nature to shine in all its......ferocity.

We thought she was weird.....or depressed. Or just crazy. Lol.
Than why I remember her? Because there are days, like this one, when I am thinking if she didn't know more than we ever did.....
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