Junie B. (Break Me Off a Lil' Someth'in)

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Hey man, hey Mookie, What's go'in on my brother? How you been do'in man?

Hey Junie B, what's happen'in brother? Man, where have you been? D--n it is good to see you...... Look'in real solid my brother..........Been pump'in a lil' bit huh?

Yeah brother, you know how it is.....Man, I gotta tell ya Mookie, it is harder than a mama's nipple at minus fifty out here man. S--t, a brother just can't get himself broke off a lil' piece of someth'in man.

Mookie glances down at his Timex and seems a little anxious like he's got to get on about his business......

Hey Mookie, are you hear'in what I'm say'in,? Are you listening to what I'm putting down cause, whitey don't give a s--t bout a brother these days baby. Never has and never will. Can't seem to get my hustle goin man, can't get my mojo up and roll'in brother cause the man got me so far down on the ground, I can't even remember what blue sky looks like.........Man my days have been noth'in but misty gray and the sun ain't been shin'in on this brother. Cause if it did, this here brother would be a few shades darker man and flow'in like a cool breeze. I can't put my finger on it but I know someth'in is just not right man. I'm say'in it's getting hard just trying to catch a breath of air. Brother's getting all strung up and broke up. Hey man, dig it, help me out and break off a lil' someth'in for a struggl'in brother........

Man I can't do nothing for ya brother, I'm try'in to get myself a lil' someth'in broke off. Just try'in to keep my head above water man else I'd be drown'in. You know a brother can't swim to good as it is, so I'm just thread'in water man try'in to stay afloat. You know what I'm say'in?

Mookie's getting a little more edgy and fidgety......Yeah brother, Right on-I feel you ........ Junie B continues, d--n, can't even stroll down the avenue man without these crazy a-- pigs rolling up on a brother. Man, what is happen'in with all this harassment? Here I am minding my own business and they got me all jacked up like I'm some kinda criminal. Yeah me, Junie B....Cats just don't know how a brother get tired of that s--t man and might just busta a cap off in they a--. Yeah, that's what I'm talk'in bout man, gots ta keep it real up in here man, might just go gangster style on em. Just don't know what time it is, you know what I'm say'in?

Mofo's just don't know, might just take a brother just a little too far with that s--t. Make a brother start act'in all crazy and wanna go ballistic. Might just have to break my foot off up in they a-- keep push'in me. Yeah, but you know Junie B ain't no violent person cause if I was, they be play'in the horns for these mofo's. ----That's right jack, be blowing out some Taps for them suckers round the the tombstones, full dress and 21 gun salute.--- But like I said, Junie B ain't about that violence man, know what I'm say'in? Do ya feel me brother? Junie B is a ladies man jack......, Junie B's about shov'in it and all the ladies be lov'in it. I got just what they want and then some. That's right brother cause Junie B got it like that.....

Right on brother, I can dig it, solid!!! Watch out now, what'chu talk'in about. Give me some skin baby.... Slap,Slap yeah right on baby--right on....HeeHeeHee Whooo baby yeah.

Hey Junie B, I gotta get going man, else I'm gonna be late for work.

Hey hold it -hold it---Hey don't go nowhere man, I gotta holla at this cat com'in round the corner. Yeah, wait a minute. I'll be right back...

Hey Dukie, say man where you going? Hold up man, slow your roll brother and let me Junie Bee get a few ticks with you. Hey Mookie, I'll be right back.

Hey Dukie, what's up brother? D--n homes, you are look'in fly. Man I gots to get into some of that. You are one genuine mack daddy. Man what kind of hustle you got going cause this here brother needs to catch a break. Know what I'm say'in. Let me put something in your ear man. Yeah, come on man I gotta get right man. What ya got brother? Hold it, hold it. Hey---Mookie!! Hey man, I'm gonna catch you on the rebound brother, I gotta school my main man Dukie here on a few issues of the current grapevine.. Gotta get broke off a lil' someth'in. You know what I'm saying?

Mookie dashes off in a hurry trying to get to the bus just as it turns the corner. Thankful that he wasn't delayed any longer by Junie B's rhetoric.

Hey Dukie, check this out brother, I know you doing real good man cause you dress'in to the nines and smell'in like you just walked through the valley of sweetness. --- Look man, I just need to you to let me hold a lil' someth'in til I get back on my feet. Just til I get my hustle back on man.. I'm good for it brother, you know that. Look man, how long have we known each other?

Man since kindergarten brother but I just don't have it to give Junie B... You know if I had it, I'd lay it on you man but I just--- Hold up Dukie----Hold that thought....

Oh-- My-- God, Lord Have Mercy.....would you just look at that.... Mmm-Mmm-Mmmph---D--n that is one fine a-- sister over there. Who is that???? Hold it,wait a minute, is that Honey Mae? Yeah man that's Honey Mae Lewis. Man, last time I seen her was in High school just before I caught that bid. D--n she sure has blossomed and filled out all over. Man oh man, that woman sure know how to make that booty shake. Good Lord D--n shake it baby---shake that money-maker Honey.

Hey Dukie, I'll be right back I feel a buzz com'in on and I got my stinger ready brother. Hey Honey, Hey, hold up now girl and let Junie B. have a sip of that honey drip...BzzzBzzBzzzz....Come on now baby, let old Junie B talk to ya for a few ticks. I just need you to break me off a lil' someth'in.....

Honey Mae abruptly comes to a stop, places one hand on her hip with the other holding her purse, swerves her body around with all the grace and elegance of a beautiful ballerina and directs her gaze at Junie B . With her head slightly tilted to one side and one eyebrow raised she parts her sweet rose painted lips with words for Junie B. You ain't never gonna sip from this honey drip fool and besides, your trifl'en a-- ain't got nothing for me. What you need to do is go get a job and get off of that corner. You ain't got the money to be tasting this here honey. And with that said, Honey Mae cocks her head in the air, turns in the other direction to continue on her way without missing a beat.

Dukie yells out to her as she strolls down the avenue, bye Miss Honey Mae and begins to chuckle.. D--n, brother she sure put it on you man. Junie B feeling his manhood and ego a little bit damaged looks at Dukie, collects himself then yells back at Honey Mae, why you want to go and treat a brother like that?---- I wasn't interested in your old ugly stank behind anyway. I was just trying to make a sister feel good. Ought to be thankful that a brother even give you the time of day.

Junie B then looks at Dukie, d--n she one fine a-- sister and what she talk'in about get a job? Junie B ain't about to hold down some nine to five working for whitey only to get some pennies. Job, man don't she know that I am a player brother? The ultimate hustler and why you got to go being all nice and s--t talk'in bout bye Miss Honey Mae? You cramp'in my style with that Gomer Pyle s--t man..

Dukie then glances at Junie B with a little grin and with a shake of his head says, Man I gotta get to stepp'in brother, I'll catch you later. I told my girl that I would pick her up some milk and eggs from the corner grocery store man. And as he begins to turn and walk away the words ring out through the air once again, hey brother, break me off a lil' someth'in?

Does this have a familiar ring to it?

Most likely it probably resonates with the majority of us because we all have known a Mookie, a Dukie and of course a Junie B... They may have been a brother, an uncle, nephew, cousin, friend and heck, even a father. They were just a few of those characters in our neighborhood that we have come to love and know so well. Embraced by some and vilified by others but nonetheless they were and are a part of Black America back in the day. They remind us of a beautiful time of retrospect and rhetorical jive. A time when we were a people who were coming into relevance, recognition, Black pride and Black Power.. These characters were just a few during a period of racial strife and inequality when we were empowered and inspired by the Black Power movement. A period when we as Black people shared a common respect and appreciation for one another which somehow has been eviscerated over the generations. A time when we lifted each other up as opposed to tearing each other down.

This ring however has become much too familiar and lends itself to some of the negative stigma that continues to envelope and handicap our people today.. Almost every one of us can identify with it but today it has lost it's luster.

Today we still have the Mookies, The Dukie's and the Junie B's. The only difference is that these brothers today don't have any direction, honor, or self-respect whatsoever. Today these brothers are dropping out of school, joining street gangs, dis-respecting our woman and elders as well as murdering each other on the streets of urban America. We don't respect each other and consequently, no one respects us.

Just as we can identify with this, the rest of America and the world sees it also. Simply put, this scenario, these images are what is played out to the millions of people every single day and we have got to change it. We must take an honest look at ourselves, get back to the basics and try to reclaim that sense of urgency, pride and empowerment. We are so much better than what we see and what we are producing. We are the trend setters of the world and if you don't believe this just listen and look at other folk around you. Who are they talking like? Who are they dressing like? Who are they dancing like? Who are they trying to look like? Who do you think they get their swag from? Just take a moment to look and listen. The fist bumps, the hey bro and hug when they greet each other, the walk and the vernacular just to name a few.

Yes, they will embrace everything that we are except us. So why is it that we do not embrace and love who we are and recognize the powerful and undeniable influence we possess. We have been duped into disliking ourselves and one another by our counterparts while they attempt to take ownership of everything that we have introduced from our culture. I remember when we were ridiculed and mocked by them for the way we talked, the way we dressed, the way we danced, the high fives and the manner in which we greeted one another. Yet today I see how much we are copied and also sadly to point where they refer to one another with the N-word. It would not surprise me if they eventually laid claimed to it since we have desensitized it's true meaning and made it trendy.

We need to invoke a powerful and positive trend towards being the masters of our destiny as individuals and a people. This will evoke a rejuvenated people of pride and dignity who will bring forth a more admirable and more ambitious generations of Mookie's, Dukie"s and Junie B's that the world will have to reckon with.

We don't need to be like Junie B always asking to be broke off a lil' someth'in. Some of us are looking for the white man to break off a lil' something like (reparations). I say we need to break off a lil' education, break off a lil' knowledge, break off a lil' self-love, break off a lil' self-respect, break off a lil' self-awareness, break off a lil' empowerment, break off a lil' courage and determination.

And once we have done this, then my brother's and sister's let us break off a lil' someth'in.

How about we break off a lil' bit of America!!!

Now that's what I'm talk'in about!!!!
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Written By: Africafifth
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