It Takes a Force to Change a Force

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There is a saying that "the finger pointing to the moon is not the moon." The same thing applies to referring to physics to point to the properties of consciousness, which cannot be seen, only experienced. In this the last article looking at the physics of metaphysics, I'd like to address the concept of inertia. The formula is yet another iteration of the basic energy equation and is expressed as Force = mass x acceleration.

F = ma

In classical physics, the principle of inertia refers the resistance of an object to any change in either its state of rest or of motion. It describes the tendency of an object not to move when stationary, or to keep moving unless it is interfered with by another force. Metaphysically, inertia refers to established and ingrained patterns of consciousness, many times unconscious and unknown to us, that unless interfered with, keep creating circumstances in our lives that we do not want!

One easy way to see inertia at work in the human condition is in our habits. Anyone who has ever tried to break a habit knows what a challenge it is because the habit has become largely unconscious. It takes a force--a conscious decision to do something differently--to interfere with and change the inertia represented by that pattern of consciousness.

When it comes to adopting metaphysics as an alternative to traditional forms of Black spirituality, we can think about it in terms of the inertia that exists because most of us were brought up to look to religion rather than spirituality as our moral compass and our source of strength in troubling times. It is incredibly hard to stop thinking of life as being beyond our control. It doesn't seem right or possible that we are the authors of our lives by virtue of our co-creatorship with the All-That-Is. Yet just as in physics, we don't have to accept these concepts as true without being able to prove them for ourselves.

I founded Afro Metaphysics to make the practice of metaphysics more commonplace among African Americans. Energy follows attention and so long as our attention is on fighting racism or maintaining a sense of powerlessness to overcome the dismal conditions we are living under in America, we are in a state of inertia that will continue to produce more of the same. Unless or until we break the trajectory of expecting our uplift to come from anything or anyone but ourselves, we cannot expect a different result.

Sisters and Brothers, don't take my word for any of it. You can put these principles to the test for yourself. Go through the steps to manifestation and watch yourself go from one success to the next and with this proof in hand, expand those successes to contribute to uplifting the Black race as a whole, both domestically and abroad.

Knowing how physics correlates to the Natural Laws of Metaphysics takes the woo-woo factor out of it and gives us something that religion cannot--knowledge of the ultimate power we possess to shape our own lives and our destinies. There is no separation between us and the Absolute. Just as a wave is made of the same "stuff" as the ocean, we are made of the same stuff as the Creator. It is up to us to either keep going along as we have or to make the decision to overcome our inertia and do things differently going forward.

I invite you to visit the Afro Metaphysics website and the FaceBook page to learn more about how to use metaphysical principles to create positive and lasting change for Black people in the United States and throughout the Diaspora.

Peace and blessings!
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