It Comes a Time

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It comes a time in life, where you have to start from the beginning. I have offend said in order to know where you going, you have to know where you came from. I'm graceful to this community. That keeps so much information within a click of a mouse. And offer the ability to ask if you don't know. And once the question is out there. If someone don't know the answer. You have so many who will help get that answer or at least direct you to where perhaps that answer can be found. We all at one time or another have lost our way. When this happens one thought would be of home. Trying to get home We all had our levels of high. And like a child on a swing you want to go higher and higher. I had forgot that there aren't any limitation when it comes to growth to go higher. Just thrill to inhale and scream

Just enjoy life for what it is. LIFE. God will is for US to live, survive multiple. To share and defense our young and old. To love
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