Is it Possible for People of African Decent, in America to get a Correct Education ?

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By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey

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Well I think that is a fair question, because we have thousands of people who look like me, working

their fingers to the bone, trying to raise enough money to send their children to college.

And a lot of those who do make it into college come out with college degrees.

But looking at the state of the so called black nation, nothing has changed.

I know of a young man whose mother sacrificed all that she had to send her son to a prominent so called black college, and he would come home on break, and I would invite him and his mother to
lunch or dinner, to ask him in front of her, the same question each year.
And each year he would give me the same answer....( I DON'T KNOW !)

The question is please tell me who you are without telling me your name? He has not given me the answer yet, and I have been asking for 5 years.

Well he has graduated now at the top of his class I might add. And is off to find a job to match his degree, I have been waiting on him to tell me about the company he has decided to create and the job's he will provide for his people, as president, owner, lead share holder of his own corporation or industry.

In my opinion I'm still looking for the true power of the education he got.
A nation called America cannot afford to educate people who look like me, because America has never been without it's slaves.
In order for me or someone who looks like me to get correct education in the United States of America
the following questions must be answered, and fully understood in the mind.

  1. Who am I ?
  2. Who and what is GOD ?
  3. Who are the rightful owners of this land?
  4. Do black people exist ?
  5. What is my Nationality ?
  6. Has there ever been a man, who walked the earth by the name of JESUS CHRIST ?
  7. What is the true name of this land ?
  8. Were people who look like me on this land as free people, before anyone else ?
  9. What is my ancient story ?
  10. If my body dies will I live again ?

    These are just a few vital questions that must be answered before leaving home for the first time to go to school and be taught reading, writing, and arithmetic.

    In his book the Mis -Education of the negro Mr Carter G. Woodson stated to his dismay that getting an education in America was the worst thing he ever done, the words he learned, were the very words that separated him from the very people he went to school to learn how to save.
In her book the Isis Papers Dr Frances Cress Welsing laid out for us the Global System of White Supremacy ….Economics, Education , Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Sex, Religion, and War.

A Nation maintains control of it's slave population by controlling these 9 points.
But what happens when the slave population takes control of these 9 points ?

Well it's a different ball game !.

In closing I would like the reader to consider the words of our illustrious Brother Malcolm X


By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey.

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