If I Had Seven Wives and my Seven Wives Bore me Seven Sons a Piece

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By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey


Well now! If I had seven wives and these seven women bore me seven sons a piece, the first thing to do is start getting ready to write Lawful policy in the land.

Prepare the proper education on ancient African true story, ancient health, science, biology, mathematics, Etc, etc.

Having lived the life before my wives, they know the importance of what to tell the sons about the movement of the planets and what to put in the body and what not to.

The correct formula for mastering the art of war, the art of mating, and the art of money vs. bartering.

Dividing the world up into seven pieces on a map.

Without revealing everything on this post.!

Lets go in now!

The seven sons have seven wives a piece that bare them seven sons a piece and those sons follow the same formula, a nation is created in less than 50 years.

The basic underlying factor for this nation is righteousness instead of competition, peace instead of war, love for like kind minus religion, internal economics for the nation, internal education for the nation, mastering the true use of sex, procreation and mating, the proper use of internal labor, how to entertain the nation correctly , the right way to act in war as a nation when there is a problem, the right way to act in law as a man or a woman minus fictitious entities , the proper use of politics without the clown show, and insulting each other, and last but not least the national abolition of religion and replacement with indwelling spiritualism using what you know for a fact, instead of what you believe in outside of yourself.

Lets start with our library !

1. African people in world history by John Henrik Clarke
2. Of water and the spirit by Malidoma Patrice Some
3. The blackwomans guide to understanding the blackman by Shahrazad Ali
4. The blackmans guide to understanding the blackwoman by Shahrazad Ali
5. Black like me by John Howard Griffin
6. The Art of war bySun Tzu
7. The worlds sixteen crucified saviors by Kersey Graves
8. Ancient Future by Wayne Chandler
9. The Isis Papers by Dr Frances Cress Welsing
10. The Mis Education of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson
11. How to eat to live by Elijah Muhammad
12. The Moors in Spain by Stanley Lane Poole
13. Nature Knows no Color Line by J.A. Rogers
14. Message to the blackman in America by Elijah Muhammad
15. The Theology of Time by Elijah Muhammad
16. The Iceman Inheritance by Michael Bradley
17. The Historical Origin of Islam by Dr Walter Williams
18. The Historical Origin of Christianity by Dr Walter Williams
19. From Adjoa to Zahara by Julia Stewart
20. Seize the Time by Bobby Seale
21. Noble Drew Ali the exhuming of a nation by Elihu N. Pleasant Bey

These very few books minus books on agriculture will be a start for my wives to gain the proper knowledge to start with the sons by age 11, the mission should be complete by age 12.
The library should be passed down from generation to generation eternally without break or let up.
When a son is injured or harmed it is time for the family nation to come upon the breath of the land.
And from all four corners of the earth.
Lets take a look at headlines of tomorrow

Hospitals closing across America because of the enforcement of natural laws in place
No one got sick!.
Crime rate drastically reduced across the land because of unnatural people removed from the land.
Police departments closed across the land, crime rate dropped to zero because corrupted government officials have been successfully removed from the land.
All people of African decent leave the NBA, ABA, NFL, Etc, etc. And all entertainment industries, massive closing of groceries, hair salons, nail salons, colleges and universities private and public schools, and all other areas in existence where wealth and true freedom exist greatly effected.

Massive relief from nature, as righteousness and natural upheaval sees e because the wicked has been removed from the land all animals respond in like kind, earthquakes, tornado's hurricanes, typhoons, volcanoes all subside around the world as a direct result of the removal of non-humans from the land.

The greatest medical operation ever undertaken on earth has begun the unfixing and mixing of the blood
Child molestation dropped to zero
No reports on Serial killers, drugs, abortions, gang wars, or homosexual behavior.
These are just a few head lines for tomorrow.
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