Destee Feb 5, 2017
Oh My Gosh Sister ... i love you soooo much ... you're so wonderful and kind to me.

Thank you Beloved. Thank you for sharing your love with me all of these years, your love, Family, everything, thank you Sister. Thank you for sharing your Brother and his wife, I do remember the challenge of this time when she was ill and how you went to help and talked of their great love. Thank you.

This almost reminds of the poem you shared with me ... :love:

I don't even know if smilies work here on the blog, but even no matter, i love you.

I went and found a video of "Faith" by Kevin Edwards. I hope it is the same that you mentioned above :

I Love You Sister!

Thank you for everything, for loving me, and letting me love you ... :love:

:kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

Happy 42nd Anniversary to your Brother and Sister ... :love:

Love You!


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