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I am determined to take metaphysics “mainstream” in African American spirituality right alongside Christianity, Islam and other forms of adherence and worship in the Black Community.

Up till now I have been pretty shy about openly promoting myself and my work. My main goal has been to just start a dialog. But a few days ago I discovered that Sister Destee has provided this blog opportunity for anyone who wanted to to promote their business. I appreciate it and plan to utilize it.

My first book, The Church of the Cosmic Mother was written to provide an overview of metaphysics from a Black perspective. The symbology I used was that of the Goddess to teach us the holiness and sacredness of blackness.

The book is available at in ebook form for only $3.99. And if you have any interest in the subject of metaphysics at all, please visit my website at It is still under construction and pretty sparse at the moment, but I’m working on making it worth your while to stop by. I will be reprinting my weekly blog entries from here as well so you can access them in either place. I have posted three so far and I will reprint those first.

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Going forward, any comments, ideas or questions about metaphysics or my viewpoints are always warmly welcomed. You can also email me at [email protected]. I look forward to engaging with you!


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