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How can Nelson have a thriving garden while we in the America's can not even find a way to eat from it.
Winni was band and still took her garden seriously.
Teachin the new growth w/ roots already there speaking w/ the enemy is never fresh but it turns out to be the only way to grow.
Needing news through.
The grapevine is required.
For us to see how we've grown with fresh plantings
Then fall in the natural essence of beginning again.
While learning what was
Will be accomplished
When at the same time always needing
Momma's freshly baked
Pebble pie which will do
As the teeth dissolve them
Tongue providing moisture
While swallowing will bring it to the whole
Where we shall see
The crops again next year.
Please do not forget to shine the America's garden with light given by our soldiers of war still with no water given by us.
Locked away from our looks but only through our glass houses of http://www.****************/. assata shakur organization.
Never forget why.
Give all soil thanks.
Don't forget our cleansing power that has been provided.
Take up hands
Dig deep for moisture
Rub while knowing the powers of pebbles & skin meeting.
No walls.
Walk out the door & eat 4 ur soon to be childs survival.
We have to stop the blind dogs from ruining our means.
We must deal w/ the savages
As we see our fruits & vegetables going bad.
We have been born w/ the ability of becoming again & again.
Therefore; savages will be overcome Atomically.
A particle for a particle.
An atom for an adam.
Stop the pesticides.
Lets find another way.
Apples & oranges grow on trees seperated by branches
Gardens began our efforts hands on w/ daily turmoil & daily gifts.
All together at once.
Roots never leading to starvation while their too deep.
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