Fighting Daily Issues

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Fighting Daily Issues

Posted 05-15-2008 at 10:51 PM by $$RICH$$

I have to fight every day,not with the fist but the mind on our struggle
how i see us collectively and the deadly deed of the street corners.
I have to fight the Racism and word play with a mental goal, then
carry a work load where you are the target and preyed upon with
stupidity / foolishness and games that's not related to work.
I have to fight my eyez for when they see how so many left homeless / hungery
as i walk into the hood i fight the realism of life of drugs and the war of turff
before i can enter my home i face another delima of Bills rolling in like a bad habit.

There are Issues of right and wrong / who live and die who is played and who playing.
I have to fight off things like stress / pain and all the folks on my check

Uncle sam pointing at me , keeping me in a class while sir Tax slap me hard
one name state other Fed then med who is FICA and the 401k
so i fight with a sound mind and good will to strive , a smile and inner power
I fight with words of encouragement / comfort and hope
I fight the dreams that seem so far off and unreal beyond feelings.
These daily issues enter upon wake-up and lingers til i fall in my slumber,
Then in between i fight the school where my children not learning
the reality / the truth and it's culture but fed a myth of whitewash teaching
So late night schooling i am , as teacher / father a friend
these daily issues continues to wrap around the mind one after another.

Gas up Up Up way up to where you need to carpool / ride a bike or just walk.

So i ask what pill can i take to clear it all up
what steps do i take to make it go away
are there any relief in stored .
what price do a black man pay to see freedom / relief.

Is my only way out , is to meet the death angel in the light of everlasting
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