Energy = Consciousness = Creation

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Last time we looked at the Energy Equation from the standpoint of the relationship between Energy and matter. In physics, it is these two terms that are important. But in metaphysics, there is a third term required: C for Consciousness. Thus the metaphysical Energy Equation is

E = C = mc².

Consciousness is the term that bridges the dimensions between Energy and matter. Consciousness is the personal, individual equivalent of Energy and is the key to understanding how it is that by using the Natural Laws of Metaphysics, we can create things and circumstances out of formless Cosmic Energy.

Are our thoughts, desires, emotions, plans, imaginings, fears and joys real things? Of course they are! Were they not real, they could not exist. However, their existence is formless so we may completely miss the fact that not only is the energy field that makes up our consciousness something real, but it is so real that it is creating after its likeness all the time.

Some manner of Consciousness is behind every instance of manifestation in our three spatial dimensions plus time, without exception. We may not be able to name or directly know the Consciousness that creates the order/chaos in the Cosmos, that rules the natural world, but we can know our own heart and mind if we are willing to make the effort to observe them. By doing so we better attune ourselves to take formless Cosmic Energy and filter it through our own consciousness to create what we want.

So many of us are at a great loss as to what to do about racism in America. It is so overwhelming and all-pervasive that it seems an insurmountable obstacle standing in the way of our happiness and that of our children. But as we each in our own time, identify what our personal contributions to Black Liberation can be, as we become proactive rather than reactive, we redirect Energy away from fighting racism to building independence and self-reliance as Black people. Energy follows attention and putting our attention on nation-building and defining Black culture in America will do more to shield us from the ravages of racism than all the marching, protesting, letter writing and legislating "equality" could ever do.

Consciousness is the missing term in the Energy Equation that makes it more human, more personal, more powerful. We are gods, creators in our own right, possessed of the ability to bring that which we can imagine and believe from formlessness into being. How we use this force of Nature determines how we live. Let's use it to create our own health, wealth and happiness, apart from and in spite of racism in America, so that we create our equality, not beg for it.

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