Disengaging the Self-Righteous Ego

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Either on here on Destee or in real life, people have their own opinions and it's rare that one comes across a person who admits that their opinion is wrong...Protecting and shielding their ego from humiliation and failure.
Everyone feels that what they believe in is right, and that they have the answer to everything. They feel that whatever comes out of their mouth is truth. But of course this is so, because no one wants to ever be wrong.
I fight with myself on just letting people state what they feel and letting it be that, especially if I disagree with their stance. I believe that is a valuable skill that one learns over time. It is a skill I long to develop within myself.
I believe it starts with humility. The self-righteous attitude, IMO, most of the time lacks modesty and respect through opinions. It can be a double-edged sword. While most seem to have a good intention on what they say, the self-righteous attitude interferes and belittles those it is speaking to and about.
Humility opens doors to listening and respecting other's opinions, and then conveying, in a respectful manner, that they disagree, and it gives them a chance to learn, take it in, and think about what the other person said, while taking in consideration of the other person's feelings.
For example, I have called people names and said that their opinion was asinine. Though it maybe, it was wrong and disrespectful for me to say it aloud.
Whatever intention I had in order to sway the opinion of the other person, I now have crushed my argument to pettiness...thus, my point will have failed.
Along with developing a humble attitude comes patience. The patience to tolerate ignorance. The patience to learning how to give the other person a chance to speak without butting in. The patience to understanding where the other person's opinion comes from...Patience is NOT something we are born with, but as we get older, it can be something we learn through experiences of life.
People are passionate creatures. We want to be loved, we want to be accepted, we want to be heard, and we want to be understood.
When people don't love what we do, don't accept who we are, don't listen to what we say, and do not understand where we are coming from, and sometimes we lash out...It's as if this is WAR...We don't take the time to think about why this person doesn't feel the way we feel. We automatically assume ignorance, even stupidity. But with patience from both sides, you may never agree, but you can come to an easy agree to disagree.
It is also important to just admitting you are wrong. I have had arguments where I knew I was wrong, but I was not going to admit it. There was no way I was going to say it aloud, and possibly humiliate myself. But the thing is, most people will respect you for standing up and admitting your downfall. Because when you do not admit you are wrong, not only are you lying to everyone else, but you are lying to yourself. And who can respect a liar?
Accepting that no one is always going to agree with you. There are people from all walks of life coming from different backgrounds...They develop opinions through personal experiences, religious beliefs, different cultures, various demographics, and so on and so forth. And their truth is going to be different from your truth.
But overall, a self-righteous ego can be blinding. All you see is yourself. All you see is what you know. You may be right, but you must get over yourself.
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