Dealing With Resistance

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Along the way to manifestation it is important to understand the role of resistance in the process of creation. In physics, Newton's Third Law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What this means for the metaphysician is that at the same time the desire to manifest something is born, so is the resistance to it. Knowing this helps us to keep in the right frame of mind until the desire appears in the flesh so to speak.

This truth is not just a function of physics. It is also a Law of Consciousness. Nothing can be created without also creating its opposite. One will be manifest, the other will not. While we are without our desire, its opposite is manifest. When we successfully manifest our desire, its opposite, not having what we want, is not. So even as we refuse to accept any other outcome than that of the fulfilled desire, while it is not yet manifest in the physical realm, we will be tested.

Rather than the resistance being a hindrance, it is actually a blessing. For one, it helps to separate the wheat from the chaff. If a desire is not something we truly want or believe we can have, the resistance that comes up along the way will cause us to falter and give up. Conversely, if the desire is accepted as having been already achieved in consciousness, the resistance will only serve to strengthen our resolve and teach us something valuable along the way.

In The Church of the Cosmic Mother, I use the example of wanting a chocolate milkshake and the process one would go through to bring it into physical reality. In this case the resistance could be as simple as having to leave home to go buy the shake. For this example and all other simple, easily attained desires, it is easy to see what the resistance is, and just as easy to overcome it. However, when the desire is a stretch, something not easily attained, where the steps to getting it cannot be readily seen, knowing how to deal with resistance becomes vitally important.

This is where faith, learning to disregard appearances to the contrary, makes the difference in whether the process of creation culminates in successfully achieving the desire or whether it culminates in the creation of its opposite. The lesson resistance teaches us is that if the desire is important enough, we must never, ever give up! Live in the assumption that the desire is fulfilled until it is done and view every instance of resistance as a gift, a means of flexing and strengthening our awareness of ourselves as mental creators.

Purposeful acts of creation begin with a desire and end in fulfillment of that desire. Claim your divine inheritance by living in purposeful creativity. First as an individual, and then in larger and larger concentric circles as you do good for yourself, your family, your community and for our race.
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