Crazy Earl

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Do you know how it feels
To be exiled out?
To take a pill
Just be *** out.

It's like Mariah outside in the snow
In a red bikini yoe
She says,"it's a tradition."
But bu it's cold as hell.

Had to get that out.
But dude what if Nick locked her frail tail out?
Yea I thought we was through too.

Let me do this.
How you gon say I'm not worthy?
Cause I chose to do such & such?
But when the military is built to protect & serve
But also kill.
They should be thanked
Then some hero's too
Them being "needed" makes me earl
If earl is gay his as* will pay
With exiled wipps with chains
While you say laughingly
Ha Ha Ha
You exiled to burn.

But when earls your broy caught in the war game
And killed to be killed.
I will see you soon in heaven
Which earl really needs to hear to confirm
My killings will not go unappreciated.

Cause both earls already been to hell with your sic appropriation of
Needing a life.

Systematic reductions of us ever not being in fear of each other.
Some how or another.
Fear is not love.
Hate is not love.
Thinking u can judge is a selfish 1 sided story told by u being more than u could ever be.

But liquor down the wrong way
Will make "you" earl.
Coming bk up & spit out.
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