Converting Energy to Matter

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It seems that the least popular way to examine the subject of metaphysics is through, well, physics. Most people are drawn to the mystical aspects of metaphysics that set it apart from the mundane. Yet we live in a Cosmos of cause and effect and only those events whose causes are unseen seem to us to be without causal explanation. Mysticism already knows, and science is now bearing out, that these unseen causes of observable phenomena are always to be found in the conversion of Energy into matter.

You can't get any more to the point in the matter of metaphysics than E = mc². Spoken in the language of mathematics and interpreted from the standpoint of metaphysics, this equation states that:

Energy is, matter becomes, yet the two are one and the same.

If we want the Mother, the Matrix, the Energy in the equation to become matter, in the specific form that we choose create it, all we have to do is apply the Natural Laws of Metaphysics to successfully make the Energy conversion.

According to the quantum mechanical model, at the level of Energy, subatomic particles are indeterminate wave functions and have no definite form. What makes a particle stop behaving as an amorphous wave and collapse into a definite form is our observation of it! We are each part of an interconnected Web of Being so that simply by observing it, we are continuously participating with reality and changing it in some way.

It is not enough to say that we influence our life circumstances, the people around us and the experiences we attract. It is more accurate to say that we actually create our life experiences. By our assumptions and beliefs, we create the matter form of the undifferentiated Energy that becomes our life experiences. That's great news! It means that we can choose, by where we place our attention, what we want to see in our environment and in our life. If we are convinced that we are helpless to fundamentally change our situation and our environment, then we are correct. Conversely, if we are certain that we are powerful and self-directed, then we are correct.

The results we get in life are brought into being by what we believe and expect.

So with this understanding of the relationship between Energy and matter in mind, when we set out to do our work to create an environment in which we and our children can thrive, we can do so with all the certainty we would knowing that if we drop an apple, it will fall down, not up.

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