Coming Full Circle

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Until now we have been exploring actionable content describing how manifestation takes place so that you can get started immediately trying out the steps for yourself:
  • observing your thoughts, emotions and self-talk
  • identifying and clarifying your desires
  • assuming the feeling of your desires fulfilled
  • accepting and overcoming resistance
  • sitting in silence and listening for your ideas and instructions and
  • affirming the reality of your desires fulfilled.
Today I want to come full circle and again stress that the most important of these steps, by far, is self-observation. Hopefully, you have begun, even if only out of curiosity, to hear and observe your self-talk from time to time. Hopefully, as well, you have been able to catch yourself saying (thinking is just speaking internally) things that are contrary to your desires.

Now if, during this process, you do catch yourself saying something "negative", it is not necessary to immediately correct yourself or label yourself "wrong" in any way. In fact, it is often counter-productive to do so. Rather, just observe, without judgement, and know that having brought awareness to the thought has already begun the process of transforming it. Over time, it becomes almost effortless then, to replace any negative or destructive thought that is reproducing itself in your life.

Be especially vigilant about whatever thoughts (internal words and pictures) follow the words "I am." If you do nothing more than this, your life will be transformed! "I am POWERFUL." "I am INTELLIGENT." "I am CAPABLE." "I am LOVING." ""I am SUCCESSFUL." I am STRONG." "I am a LEADER." "I am TALENTED." "I am BEAUTIFUL." "I am PROSPEROUS." These are the kind of "I ams" you want to hear when you listen. Rejoice when you hear them because they are coming into your conscious awareness of them from the core of your belief system!

I started Afro Metaphysics because I am sick and tired of the atrocities committed against people of African descent in these United States! Recently, while working on my next book, I suddenly realized that I had been using African American and Black interchangeably. This is not correct! African American is my nationality. Black is my race. Whatever I do as I make my own contribution to the struggle for Black Liberation, I do for my race. Afro Metaphysics has been designed to be a gathering place, a meeting place, and a market place for, by, and about BLACK people. I am particularly interested in reaching young people--those among us who will provide future leadership for our race, and who are raising and influencing your own children right now.

As I wrap up this first round of articles about manifestation, I would appreciate any input you have for what topics you would like to see addressed in the future. I was thinking of talking about the science behind the process of manifestation next but I will go in whatever direction you send me. Please feel welcome to visit the Afro Metaphysics website, the Church of the Cosmic Mother FB page, or email me directly at [email protected] to share your thoughts.

Peace and blessings Family!
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