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Year 2014 , Da city of darkness upon the life as clouds rolls smoke grey smutty
da death total rise , city cries in pain , Chicago became the battle ground of craziness
lives lost from corner to corner streets run red ....My Gun was once a protector steel
now it's the way and what is deal , Chicago maze of death what when wrong and the

use of guns , today the play in the bang game for fun taking life not to let live while
many cries and silent prayers families gives , City dark cloud still hang low , guns

ring out by da blow night skies light up in a smoky glow bodies lay around as da
total grow....Walks and march toe to toe still many continue to let the blood flow
maybe we going about it all wrong , none voice and backward tone , CPD have no
clue yet da cry what will they do, under the ring like chitty bang bang , six feet down

and no one to blame , how can we continue to bring about unity when we can't stop
the bleeding in every community.

Justice un-served yet the law so yes to the guns that's making us less
mentally confused on how to use , yet they say it's there tool , really

how cool is that to see another brain splat , not just a brother mother or sister
but the babies , children of the future , wake up Chicago can't you see

get off this Chiraq crap let live and free, Nicki Minaj making off our backs , songs
dropping like hell and thunder while the city rumbles ,why walk and feel proud

when the city is under this dark cloud .....well Chicago here we go again another
sad weekend now the 4th is upon us for sure death angel ready to make a splash
take as many in the dash .

I guess it's best to keep the flag at half staff and purple ribbon it's bow


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