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As we visit life of living , come walk down the heart land of A-meri-can
trails of tears human fears jobless soul look as we stroll
in struggling mist of oppression of darken dreary days
of an nation weary staggering upon da white whims
fourty million lives , (land cross the land)
with dreams of the brave and freedom stand yet the horror
of a nation a playstation da lost hope and death from starvation
exile of the cries i loom to love indeeds paper chase spirits
as we walk inside the unborn life wanting to live.
screams in silent motherly unto the great GOD
in plea of thy child manifest destiny of down fallin society
corrupted dismay wasteland of rottin debris,polluted crypts
stolen niles as we walk on the street of cities through fields
of nowhere and past memory killing thunderous hopes
whereas moments and darken days a great void spools
a history a story lay un-sealed with wondrous life
embracing the mission of distance attacks shoesless
mother walks and battered and torn by what's seen
da hunger arise wintery blast icy cold homeless
father none job to feed da wedd of his soul
don't make me die on da steps of hurt n' pain
come walk with me inside the garden of destruction
where man at will strips the hopes of another man
I fight by faith my spirit carries within it's own
yet da creed like in a pal of one place of fracture dismay
taste the sour fruits growing from the earth of mirit soil
numb brains as i try to keep my sanity
the watery waves pushing while whispering air calling
the congo drums beating tap rain dance of thy home
struggling maze of life where we failed and came short
of this unity to unite to fill da void left behind
controller speaks it's evil Heavens cry in trillions of tears
making earth wet and icy balls of anger as earth feel da pain
heavens leak small white flakes against da worlds hate
making earth go insane until it won't melt til we return
to da motherlands
the wails of my heart has become
a storm a rage a reflection of what has been seen
my life pitted me with da greed upon souls & spirits
vow my depth to GOD and impower his grace to withstand
this american place and live the universe path of falsely accused
the misery become miserable ,hostile and deeper depressional
state of mind as da weaken mental become there slayer
we shall ova come someday !
Da system.
Individual dependency (tyme 4 A change)
We all alone
Individual dependency
like creating relentlessly
steppin' up collectively
Where do we start
By da one u see most
it's your only choice
to bring forth ya voice
Who do we call on now!
whom ever da system will allow
point, blame and take a bow
cry out , be control, wave da white towl
Fight back
Wit individualistic statist
to change our struggling realistic
in a war dat's gone balistic
To become da "I"
then da we , together we rize
first in plan to stop our divide
back to Black mental awareness
like Martin,Malcolm,Garvey fearless
making a change to our illness
while gaining power to our weakness
In da wars of our struggle
on da system like no other
dat's killin every sister & brother
We have to secede for secess
show da world black unity at it's best
hear my voice, hear my quest
before i take into eternal rest
If one fail, we all failed
tyme to free our minds from mental jail
we paid da price now our bail
wit wisdom & knowledge breakin da spell
push forth wit political stance
roll out da carpet of A-meri-kan
rewright da laws against our hand
be da rizing wo/man or man
individually as african
It Is Tyme!

I.D 4change pt.II & Independency pt.III

Posted 07-12-2010 at 12:56 AM by $$RICH$$

I.D.4change pt.II

Change starts within self
as an individual being
taken charge to lead
in a powerful movement
Inpendency of action to solution
as a leader guiding it's fate
to build a foundational structure
this be my fight against odds
In a battle to unify collectively
against the war of divisional divide
in order to bring a change
one must change to believe & trust
One must not be lad but lead it's action
beyond pointing for faulty submission
with heart and soul and faith
one stand alone individually and independently
to gather it's working plan and spring it to action
Behold forth tis day before me and bless my hand
thy tongue and direction to da the will of thy people
for the people as a people , and make that change !

Independent Pt.III

We now under da massive economy fall
structured by our governmental call
rise in unemployment rates
hardship poverty setting our fate
Independency power we must demonstrate
on a collective bargin
become aware and get more involving
Hard hitting to america's groundz
by da massive blast of political clownz
while da rich get richer
and poor get poorer
under da watch of da evil doers
slowly we stumbling below
for economy we must restructure da floor
Start our own growth in wealth
called da black survival Plan (BSP)
this call will need every hand
from cross this ameri-land
to be collectively optimistic in terms
overstanding da deeds to fight this germ
change the me to we , one who fight by da "I"
under da scope of us together
Da solution will be in hidden secrecy upon us
because media & society we can't never trust
they will use it to destroy our crust
and divide the enforce workmenship of us
it is tyme people before we become dust
it's no joke nor a lust but realistic this we must
who do we call on now
the answer stares you daily in da face
use concious awareness & grace
join the BSP unity race
to win ourselves a humanity place
put forth your individual mindz
and become da leader of independency
WE now under da ole Harlem night !
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