Black Potatoes

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Everyone knows what black potatoes are. At least I think everyone does. But just in case you don't have any idea what they are, allow me to enlighten you. First of all I don't want you to confuse black potatoes with plain old rotten potatoes. There is a significant difference between the two. A black potato unlike a rotten potato is salvageable whereas a rotten potato is just not good at all for consumption or anything else for that matter. If you have a rotten potato you might as well just toss it in the garbage. You can try to save it if you want to take the risk but I would advise you not to because it will only poison you....Rotten potatoes are very noticeable and have a pungent odor whereas the black potato for all intents and purposes appears to be alright...

Black potatoes are those damaged vegetables that one might find in a bundle that aren't immediately noticeable until the skin is taken off. You see these potatoes have no visible signs of abnormalities but because they have suffered some damage from mishandling and neglect, they become bruised below the surface. It is not uncommon for some of that damage to penetrate a little deeper into the inner portion of these potatoes. Hmm, pretty much sounds just like a lot of people wouldn't you say?
So what are our options with these potatoes? More often than not we will attempt to salvage as much of it as we possibly can because it wouldn't make much sense tossing them into the garbage. I have had many potatoes that were damaged and I was able to utilize the majority of it for my meal. Why toss out the entire potato just because it has a few areas that have been slightly damaged. I have also had those that no matter how much I'd try, the damage was just to severe and I'd end up cutting away most of the potato trying to get rid of those black spots.
But that's not necessarily a bad thing because at least we're able to get some use out of it since we did spend our money for it. It's sort of similar to the investment that we have made in some folks who might have some issues. We aren't just ready to kick them to the curb so we attempt to save the better part of them.. But if most of the potatoes in the bag are damaged you'd probably want to take it back to the grocer to exchange it for another one or get your money back.

Well we just aren't able to do that with people. There are a lot of people in this world who are just like those black potatoes. Most of these people are salvageable if we can get to them in time but then there are those that no matter how much you may try to cut away the damage it is just to severe to save. By the time you get finished slicing and dicing you may only have a little piece that just isn't worth it. Some may differ and say that a little piece of good is better than none at all. That may be true but how much has to be sacrificed to get to that one little piece. So I guess we have to make a decision as to which potato is worth saving and which isn't. Whatever the case may be we won't really know until we begin to look beneath the surface. Then we can probably determine how much good the person just like the potato has left in and if it is worth the effort to try to salvage it?
Black potatoes just like damaged people can be found in every ethnic group and almost every region of the earth. With every harvest of potatoes just as with every generation of people there are high expectations of a good crop with the understanding that quite a few will suffer some damage through mishandling or by other means . It is an inevitable and inescapable phenomenon whose recurrence is undeniable.

I myself was at one time in my life a black potato and to this day I can still feel the residuals of those dark spots. There aren't any signs of damage on the surface but the memories are embedded deep within and serve as constant reflection of a time that has passed hopefully never to be relived.
We need to have a compelling desire, the determination, and make the effort to remove the damage in order to yield the best from within that allows the nutritious elements to be enjoyed by all. Then we can rejoice and be excited for the crop that we have produced. I know that some people will say that the potato doesn't offer any resistance unlike damaged people which is true. They are the cynics and pessimists for which I say, this is only a metaphor meant to serve as a sort of analogy which more than likely will not impact you. But for those of you who are of an optimistic and pragmatic mindset, you know that we can take the time to cut away the black spots and that it is worth the effort.

Written by: Al De Veaux Jr. Africafifth

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