Balancing Race Relations

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One of my favorite topics is the movement of mind called the paradox. The word literally means "beyond belief" and according to the dictionary, it is
"a statement that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality, expresses a truth." A paradox contains within itself a pair of opposites, held in relationship by an overarching balancing force. The function of this balancing force is to provide both the impulse and the space for the pair of opposites to exist simultaneously.

The basic structure of the cosmos is the paradox and can be seen everywhere we look because nothing exists without its opposite! As soon as we name anything, we are also acknowledging the existence of its opposite. If we call something negative, we are admitting that there is a positive. If we say something is moving, we are in effect saying that there is such a thing as being stationary. And if we say that we are sad, we are also saying that we know happiness exists. So mastering the art reconciling life's endless paradoxes requires that we be able to hold its opposites in balance by purposefully assuming the role of the balancing force.

Graphically, the cosmic paradox is captured in the Taijitu, the yin/yang symbol. It is a visual representation of the fundamental whole out of which all possible pairs of opposites emanate. It also represents movement--the passage of time--which is the fourth dimension of our space-time continuum. Notice how when one aspect grows out of proportion, or out of balance with its opposite, it overshadows and obscures it. Conversely, when the two aspects are equal, each aspect comfortably resides in the other without overriding it.

Using the paradox model to address racism in America, it is time to accept that relations between African American and all other ethnicities are grossly out of balance. While on the one hand we can know that every human being is a spiritual being having a human experience, at the same time we can acknowledge that it is necessary for Black people to come together, to the exclusion of all other ethnicities, to balance race relations in this country. It is a mathematical necessity for us to unify ourselves first, to freely articulate our own unique culture, in order to achieve balance and parity in our economic, social and political dealings with the dominant culture.

To establish and build a strong African American culture, we need to come together as a people to conceive and implement a program of Black self-sufficiency. It requires that we build an infrastructure in our midst to replace the one that now limits us or forbids us outright. It takes all kinds of us to create such a program: religious, atheist, conservative, radical, athletic, artistic, scholarly, enterprising, care-giving, hands-on, dreamers, movers and shakers, teachers, preachers and every other variety of Black person contributing their unique talents and energy to the process.

It follows logically then that if we do this, we cannot be marginalized because we will have created and can use our own land, facilities, institutions, and social and economic structures if we so choose. Then, although we have done nothing to try to change the fact that racism exists, we will have changed our experience of it.

Peace and blessings Family :heart::heart:

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